Jose Canseco: I Have No Knowledge of Rickey Using Steroids

July 31, 2009 – 6:15 am by Tas Melas

Who’s sick of Jose Canseco?  Hands up!  Jose is not a bad man in my opinion – he may be money hungry, but he’s not evil.  Canseco obviously speaks the truth about steroids in baseball and I respect that he came out with these facts.  Baseball needed that and it still needs to clean up its past as Jose points out below.  If Bud Selig and baseball took responsibility and cleared the name of these past players who broke no rules by taking steroids, wouldn’t we have a dead issue?  If that occurred, voters would have no choice but to allow the Mark McGwires out there in to the Hall.  Either way, it’s not dead, and Jose Canseco is constantly asked of his opinion on the matter, especially when he makes claims like there is one of Hall of Famer who used the juice.  Well, this may be true, but then we’re forced to hear Jose’s voice again, and baseball’s integrity takes another small hit because it’s hard not to believe these rumors.  Forget cleaning up baseball, the short-term goal of everyone involved should be to get a new figurehead besides Canseco – I just can’t take much more.  For Pete’s sake (not Rose).  Canseco joined ESPN 950 in Philadelphia to clear up if Rickey Henderson is that Hall of Famer he mentioned, what baseball should do to end this issue, and the future of all these surefire Hall members who can’t get in because of their past.

Did Rickey Henderson use steroids?

“I have no knowledge of Rickey using steroids in any way shape or form.  I’m just saying theoretically speaking, it’s a high percentage that maybe it’ll be a major problem that Major League Baseball will have.  Nonetheless, even if that problem doesn’t occur, you’ve got the problem of once this list comes out of all these players, what is Major League Baseball gonna do?  These players tested under the premise of that they were gonna be protected, that these testing results weren’t gonna go anywhere, it was gonna be used in house for their own knowledge, and look what’s happened.”

On these blacklisted players getting in:

“I think eventually these individuals who vote for the Hall of Fame, these reporters and so forth, who are taking this hard stance against these players, will soften up.  For example, eventually, Pete Rose, he will get in to the Hall of Fame.  There’s no doubt about it because his numbers are just incredible.  How do you use that man and use him for an example forever?  You just can’t.  Nobody’s perfect.  These players are not perfect; these players were doing something at a certain period of time that was completely legal in Major League Baseball.”

Should the Hall of Famer on the juice you mentioned be banned from the Hall?

“Absolutely not, because eventually you’re gonna have to let all these players who used steroids – were actually caught using steroids, who have solid information that used steroids – in to the Hall of Fame if the numbers qualify because, obviously there are a few players who slipped under the radar.  There may be some individuals who have circumstantial evidence on them – what do you do?  Do you let them in to the Hall of Fame?  No, you can’t.  You either have to hold the whole league responsible and everyone else responsible for it, or none whatsoever.”

Listen to Jose Canseco on ESPN 950 in Philadelphia

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