Kyle Whittingham: ‘What we’re looking for is equality and equal accessibility…’

July 31, 2009 – 6:00 am by Michael Bean

Yes, the Florida Gators were playing the best football at the end of last year’s college football season. But, I know I am not alone when I say that I feel the University of Utah was robbed of at least a shot at playing in BCS Title Game. They were a perfect 12-0 with multiple solid victories against top 25 teams. Anyway, that’s the BCS – the system designed for the rich, by the rich, to make them and only them richer. Enough of me, let’s hear from Kyle Whittingham, coach of the Utah Utes as he and his school get ready to open summer workouts in preparation of the 2009 season. Whittingham joined WKNR in Cleveland to talk about getting snubbed last year and what he’s expecting from his program as they get set to extend the nation’s longest winning streak.

On how things have changed for the Utah Utes program since going 13-0 and defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl:

“Well, first of all, it was a very busy offseason. There was a lot of national attention and things of that nature all throughout the offseason – which is a good thing. People wanted me to come speak to their groups and that type of thing. You know, any positive exposure our program gets, the more the better. So, it was very hectic in that regard. The upcoming season, the expectations – we have the same expectations on ourselves each and every year and that’s to go out and win the Mountain West Conference championship. Anything above and beyond that is great. I tell our team all the time – don’t worry about anything you can’t control; just focus on what you can control and that is winning the conference championship. If you go out and take care of business within your conference, you’ll go out and win a championship.”

On what inroads, if any, have been made by the Mountain West Conference to get more equitable access to the Bowl Championship Series:

“Well, our conference commissioner Craig Thompson worked his tail off all offseason long trying to make inroads in to the BCS. You know, what we’re looking for is equality and equal accessibility. And that’s something that’s an ongoing fight. We did sign the agreement to continue the situation as outlined, which you know, is something we’re not excited about. But we really had no alternative at this point in time. But you know, you’ve got Congress talking about it and anytime Congress gets involved, you know there’s some pretty heavy duty stuff going on. So you know, the BCS, we’re not trying to make it sound like the BCS is a real bad deal. The BCS has been very good to the University of Utah. We’ve had twice now where we’ve played on a national platform. Once in the Fiesta Bowl in ’05 and then the Sugar Bowl this year. So it’s been great exposure for our program and it’s been a positive thing in a lot of ways. But what we want is just the opportunity, access to the BCS games just like everybody else. And as importantly, the funds. There’s a lot of money out there and to be excluded from that most years, we just don’t think that’s fair.”

Listen here to Whittingham on WKNR in Cleveland

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