Anthony Randolph: I Grew An Inch This Offseason

August 7, 2009 – 7:45 am by Tas Melas

Anthony Randolph is a name even the typical hardcore NBA fan may not have heard of, but he’s one of those kids who makes the casual fan take notice if the Warriors are on.  He plays above the rim, he just has an overflowing amount of skills, and he enjoys the game.  One year in and he’s showed enough promise to put me in his corner.  And, he’s a lefty, other NBA players won’t take notice of that until like year six of his career.  He played about 18 minutes a game last season, and luckily for him, didn’t enter Don Nelson’s doghouse (for too long), so you can expect his floor time to rise in the fall.  He averaged 15 over his the final eight games last season, and dropped 42 in summer league.  I’m sorry I’m throwing out the stats, but the kid is worth it (check one night of work he had back in March here).  Randolph joined Tom Tolbert on KNBR to discuss his summer growth, what he’s been working on, and what he’s learned after year one.

What are you looking to improve on after your rookie season?

“I wanted to be a better team leader, try to take a step from last year and build on that, and just have a more consistent mid-range jump shot.”

What did you learn after one year in the NBA?

“I know it’s a business, you gotta handle everything.  I look it as, I’m a business man and my business is my body and basketball.”

Did you grow an inch and gain some weight?  What are you weighing in at?

“Yes sir… Around 215, 212.”

Do you have to work to keep weight on?

“I have to work extremely hard to keep weight on, just how my body is naturally.  My metabolism is so fast, so, I have to spend probably more time than say like Andris, or Rony, or guys like that, putting it in to my body.”

Listen to Anthony Randolph on KNBR with Tom Tolbert

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  1. 2 Responses to “Anthony Randolph: I Grew An Inch This Offseason”

  2. Great article. One thing though. Randolph spent a large portion of the first half of the year in Nelson;s doghouse. Randolph fired his agent, BJ Armstrong, and hired a new agent(story here:

    By protect the paint on Aug 7, 2009

  3. Blame the agents!
    Blame Mullin!
    Blame the player!


    He was always ready. A cocah trying to coach and leading a lottery team would have played him from Day One instead of playing mind games and agent-screw.

    By Chris Cohan on Aug 7, 2009

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