Jarrod Washburn’s Back in the Playoff Race

August 7, 2009 – 8:45 am by Lance Zimmerman

Washburn was traded last week from the Seattle Mariners to the Detroit Tigers. Tuesday’s 6 run, 5.1 innings pitched line in Washburn’s debut didn’t exactly endear him to Tigers fans as the piece to solidify the rotation.

During last season’s trading deadline, the Seattle Mariners had offers for Jarrod Washburn and I for one couldn’t understand the logic of holding onto this guy. He was going to cost you over $10 million dollars for the 2009 season, and he had shown to be nothing more than a mediocre left handed arm during his time in Seattle, one that can be found in almost any clubs triple-A affiliate.

Washburn has reinvented himself this year, and the Mariners were able to get more than a can of chew spit for him at the trading deadline. The Detroit Tigers, who are playing in arguably one of the most competitive divisions in the AL Central, were looking for some playoff experience to go along with their front of the rotation starters in Edwin Jackson and Justin Verlander. The two prospects the Tigers gave up may never amount to anything, but Washburn pitching for a Mariners team headed directly for the cellar wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Jarrod Washburn joined WDFN in Detroit to talk about his recent trade to the Tigers and how he’s preparing for his first playoff push in over four years.

On the biggest adjustment he’s going to have to make after coming over to the Tigers:

“Biggest adjustment I guess is probably just getting to know my teammates and trying as fast as possible to get on the same page with whoever is going to be catching me. I’ve talked to the catchers and let them know what my plan is out there and what I’m trying to do and try to make it as seamless as transition as possible.”

Washburn was asked about any moves that he needs to make in order to get ready to face the teams in the Central Division:

“Really, nothing. I’ve pitched against all of these teams in the past, not as much as playing against them in the same division obviously. I know all the hitters. I’m just going to prepare the same way, and I just have to face them a few more times now.”

On the solidarity of the Tigers starting rotation one through five:

“(Justin) Verlander and (Edwin) Jackson leading it, that might be the best one-two punch in baseball. Their stuff is nasty. My stuff is absolutely nothing like theirs, but I hope to compliment them well and be a good mix in between those two guys. One through five, it’s a great rotation.”

Washburn was asked who he tends to gravitate towards upon joining a new team:

“Pitchers usually gravitate towards pitchers. Even if you don’t have anything in common you can talk pitching, attacking hitters and different things about the game. That’s something you can always talk about. It seems like a great group of guys here. I’m getting to know them all as fast as possible and I’m glad to be a part of the team.”

Listen to Jarrod Washburn on WDFN in Detroit with Matt Sheppard

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