Brendan Haywood: No Athlete Would Want To Get Dressed Around Marbury

August 17, 2009 – 7:30 am by Tas Melas

Brendan Haywood has spoken out a lot lately regarding issues athletes deal with, but these are his most controversial comments by far.  Haywood basically calls Stephon Marbury a homosexual in this interview with Hardcore Sports Radio. Brendan has never played with Steph, but Marbury’s 24-hour video feed of himself was enough to sway him of Steph’s sexual interests.  Really, you have to think Brendan is simply voicing the thoughts of many other players who have seen the videos he mentions below.  Some are calling Steph brilliant, many more seem to be be calling him nuts, and another popular thought is that he’s committing career-suicide.  Haywood covers all that including how disturbed he was watching Marbury, his thoughts on Twitter / social media, and the Wizards’ chances next season.

On Stephon Marbury’s personal video camera this summer:

“At first it was cool, but after a while it just became disturbing.  He’s on YouTube crying with no shirt on for no reason, sweating while his boy’s rubbing his shoulders.  What’s that about?  That’s like gay porn.  I don’t understand it.  He’s dancing to a song called ‘Barbie Doll’, doing like stripper moves.  I have no idea what’s going on with the guy, it’s almost like he’s trying to end his own career.  There’s not a GM out there that would touch Marbury right now… Have you seen the ‘Barbie Doll’ clip?  Click on YouTube and go to Barbie Doll.  There’s no way any other professional athletes would wanna get dressed around this guy, because you gotta think something is a little, he’s swinging from both sides of the fence.”

On NBA players using Twitter:

“However you prepare for games is your personal business.  Now, would I have a problem with a teammate that’s 1-for-11 at halftime tweeting?  Yeah, ’cause his mind needs to be focused on something totally different, but if you have the mental focus to do it, then that’s fine.  Some guys can do it, some guys can’t.  I knew the Twitter thing, there was gonna be some kind of stipulations coming, especially when Kevin Love basically leaked Kevin McHale getting fired like two days before it actually hit the media.”

On the Wizards’ chances this season:

“For us, we have to get out the first round of the playoffs.  We’ve been to the first round a couple years in a row and been knocked out, but I think if everybody’s healthy, there shouldn’t be an excuse or any reason why we can’t get out the first round, because we have so much depth now.  Gil’s healthy, we have Gil, we have a plethora of other talented guys along with Antawn, Caron Butler, myself, and you got Andray Blatche stepping up, Javale McGee.  Then we made the trade, we bring in two double digit scorers: Randy Foye averaged 16 and 5 last year, Mike Miller’s a career like 14 points per game scorer, and a dead-eye shooter, something that we needed.  We brought all that in along with Oberto from the Spurs who gives us toughness up front and a veteran presence, and a guy who played on a championship team.”

Listen to Brendan Haywood on Hardcore Sports Radio

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  1. 30 Responses to “Brendan Haywood: No Athlete Would Want To Get Dressed Around Marbury”

  2. What does Brandan Haywood know? Absolutely nothing about Stephon Marbury, if he has a problem with gays don’t take it out on Stephon because of his dancing. To each their own!

    By Uraine on Aug 17, 2009

  3. Haywood made a mistake here…… Although Marbury has lost his marbles its none of Brandans business to make anti homo statements. I agree with him, but bite your tongue big man…. This is the kind of stuff that messes up peoples careers.

    By Craig on Aug 17, 2009

  4. Why are athletes the last group of major homophobes? Do they really think a gay teammate is going to make a pass or rape them in the shower? I guarantee most of them have undressed multiple times in front of someone without knowing they are gay, and they still made it home. I guess this is just another example of an ignorant jock perpetuating the stereotype of jocks being ignorant.

    By Homophobe on Aug 17, 2009

  5. And don’t let them go to the Bible for excuses — adultery, which MANY athletes are guilty of — is considered to be far worse than homosexuality, but you never hear a Christian condemn adulterers, only that they are human and should be forgiven. HYPOCRITES!

    By Homophobe on Aug 17, 2009

  6. “to itch their own,” you mean

    By spotter on Aug 17, 2009

  7. This is funny!!!

    Actually, that “Barbie Doll” youtube video was edited by someone on the web. Stephon was actually dancing to “Diamond Girl” by Ryan Leslie.

    Whomever edited that clip and put “Barbie Girl” was a genius! I have never laughed so hard in my life!

    By Jwetsworth on Aug 18, 2009

  8. lol brendan haywood has been misinformed, stephon marbury never danced to barbie girl, the video was edited purposefully to make stephon look stupid, stephon was actually dancing to an R&B song but someone edited the video and put the barbie girl song on it to make him look ridiculous, get your information right brendan, and by the way stephon was listening to gospel music when he started crying, he was crying about his father who he just lost, the other guy in the video is his cousin….your a small boy brendan, very small of you

    By big on Aug 18, 2009

  9. Steph isn’t gay, he’s just weird. There’s nothing wrong for Brendan to say he wouldn’t want to change with a gay male, if that’s what he meant. Gays would say stupid things like “oh just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’ll lust at you. Well you can say the same thing about women, but is it wrong to say we don’t change around women. No!

    Homosexuality is wrong and you don’t need a religion. I mean I have a religion and I know it’s wrong. You have to be one uneducated stupid fool to think that it’s okay. I was definitely one of those uneducated stupid fools to think that gay was okay because you can only believe it’s wrong if you have a religion, but I was wrong. Gays are the absolute most disgusting people in the world. They have no morals and know nothing about right or wrong. If they did, they wouldn’t be gay in the first place.

    Still, if I had a gay teammate I can play with him, but I wouldn’t like him. What you do in your personal lives is no reason why we can’t work together in our jobs. Gays or whatever your personal life is, shouldn’t be discriminated against in jobs except for politics and cops. I’m against gay adoption but not gay marriage(even if it is wrong).

    By It'sok on Aug 18, 2009

  10. everyone in the know knows that marbury is bisexual

    By Pete A on Aug 18, 2009

  11. Wonder where steph is going to sign.

    By Dude on Aug 27, 2009

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