Mark Chmura: Favre Signed Now ‘Cause He Didn’t Want To Go To Camp

August 19, 2009 – 9:00 am by Tas Melas

Former Packer ‘mate Mark Chmura feels like Favre knew he was returning all along and I can’t disagree with that, but Chewy also feels like Favre isn’t in game shape.  Now, I know Brett hasn’t been at camp but he must have learned his lesson from joining the Jets huffing and puffing last season.  We all know he only likes to play on Sundays and could do without the rest of it, but can he really embarrass himself like he did during last year’s camp?  If he knew this all along and wasn’t working out hard, then arrogance must be taking the place of common sense in his mind.  Chmura also touches on the mixed reception Favre will get from his new teammates.  As transcribed here on SRI, Visanthe Shiancoe relayed the fact that the whole ordeal really wore on the team – there’s no chance this signing aids in the emotional department.  Chmura joined ESPN Milwaukee to discuss how Favre’s comeback was premeditated, the bonding Brett missed out on, why things may get ugly, and how quickly it’ll take for Favre to get acclimated.

On why he signed now:

“The only thing I can think is he knew this all along, and the only reason he delayed this is because he didn’t wanna go to camp.  And, I don’t know why he doesn’t want to go to camp because the quarterbacks have the easiest camp outside the kickers in the whole deal.  This had to premeditated, especially with Rosenfels playing so well this weekend, that they called Favre out of the blue and sent a jet down to pick him up and sign a contract… I wish he stayed retired, I really do.  You know, I love the guy to death but enough is enough.  You’re tugging at Packers’ fans heartstrings and just let it go, let it go.”

On how the team will receive him:

“I would love to be in that locker room when he first arrives ’cause there’s clearly gonna be players in there that are not happy, and it’s not just gonna be the two quarterbacks.  You really form a bond with players in the offseason: in the weight room, spending time with them in the training room.  So, that’s gotta be an awkward situation for Brett.  I can’t imagine he is so arrogant he’s gonna walk in to any situation, any locker room, and think everyone loves him.  I think we saw that in the Jets locker room at the end of last year where he had players talking ill of him.  It’s gonna be interesting because if he does not start off very well and is being outplayed by these other two players, it could get very ugly.”

On how quickly he’ll get acclimated:

“The west coast terminology is familiar all around the league, so for him to pick that up it’s gonna be very quick.  He’s just gotta get in football shape; I don’t think he approached this offseason as if he was going to play.  So, the biggest thing for him is to get in to playing shape; the shape that he’s in right now, they throw him in to a preseason game where he’s gotta scramble, he’s gonna pull something at close to 40 years old.”

Listen to Mark Chmura on ESPN Milwaukee

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