Peyton Manning: I’ve Had To Stop Watching Eli’s Games

August 27, 2009 – 2:15 pm by Tas Melas

I didn’t really believe in Peyton’s humor for a very long time.  Everyone was giving him all the praise in the world for his work on Saturday Night Live, throwing balls at kids and such, but I wasn’t buying it.  Anyone can be funny for spurts here and there, and to me, this guy was just that, kind of ‘Ha, ha.’  I was wrong, there, I said it.  Peyton is one funny man; no matter what the situation, Manning will be dropping joke bombs, as he did in this interview on The Dan Patrick Show.  Below, Andrew Dice Clay gets in to the difficulties of watching his brother play, why this preseason is different, if he’ll be communicating with Tony Dungy this year, and how he watches NFL games in mute.

Do you want to play in the preseason or do you have to play?

“I want to play this year because I feel we have some new faces in there.  I wanna get in there with Anthony Gonzalez at the starting right wide receiver, with Donald Brown, our new draft choice at running back; I think this group needs to play together, we got some new linemen in some new places.  In years past, I’d say, ‘No, we don’t need to because this group is ready to go.’  It was the same unit every single year but we got some new starters in there this year for the Indianapolis Colts offense, so I wanna take advantage of this preseason to get comfortable before that first game.”

How do you watch games?  Take us through that process.

“First of all, I’m watching most of it in mute.  I really don’t wanna hear what the announcers have to say – announcing that it’s gonna be 3rd and 10, ’cause I can tell that it’s gonna be 3rd and 10.  Announcing it’s cover-2 defense which I can see, so I really don’t need to hear that, I can see what’s happening.  It’s much more pleasant in mute especially when you’re watching Eli play, you don’t wanna hear somebody slamming you’re little brother.”

What’s it like watching Eli’s games?

“You certainly get a little emotional, get in to it Dan.  Actually, I’ll tell you what I have to do now: usually we’ll play at 1:00 and the Giants are playing at 4:00, but on occasions where the Giants are playing the early game and maybe I’ll have a night game, I’ll truly get to see Eli’s entire game in the hotel on the road.  I found myself standing on top of the bed, yelling at one of his receivers or one of his linemen.  I find myself, I go, ‘Peyton, what are you doing?  Why are you screaming at the TV?  You have a game here in two hours.’  (Host: But are you yelling at Eli?  It’s never Eli’s fault?)  No!  Absolutely not!  It’s never the quarterback’s fault, we all know that.  So, I’m defending Eli, I’m getting mad at anybody and so I find myself now where I’ve had to stop watching the game so much.  I watch some, watch a rerun of Stripes on another channel and flashback to some Giants highlights.  It keeps me a lot calmer before my actual kickoff.”

How impressed were you with Eli’s Super Bowl run?

“Everybody talks about the Super Bowl, I still think it goes under the radar going down to Tampa, going to Dallas, and then going to Green Bay.  Nobody really talks about that, so that was probably as impressive as anything I’ve seen.  Eli and I pull for each other; I think quarterbacks as group are a pretty unique fraternity, I pull for Donovan McNabb, I pull for Jake Delhomme, I’m certainly pulling every week for Eli.”

Will you communicate with your former coach Tony Dungy this season?

“I got the text before the game the other night when we played Philly, with the good luck; I texted him before training camp.  I think he and I both are still kinda going through transition.  He still kinda tells me it’s gonna be a little different and weird watching us on the sidelines, and all of our players are trying to get used to him not being on the sidelines.  Although even though he won’t be there Dan, I really feel like his presence will be there.  Coach Caldwell is still gonna coach from coach Dungy’s book of principles, adding his own flavor to it as well, so I think you’ll feel coach Dungy’s presence on the sidelines even though you won’t actually see him.”

Listen to Peyton Manning on The Dan Patrick Show (starts at 13:15)

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