Rich Rodriguez: ‘We Won’t Know Exactly for Sure How We are Going to Play It Out’

August 27, 2009 – 11:51 am by Jimmy Shapiro

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It didn’t take long before Michigan faithful started to question the hire of Rich Rodriguez. It took 91 days before his first loss to Ohio State when Terrelle Pryor spurned Michigan for the hated Buckeyes. Rich Rodriguez has no clue what he is doing at Michigan. Is he really going to play three quarterbacks in a game? Doesn’t he know that would never work? Well I do know one thing about Rich Rod; is that he doesn’t give a crap about what other people think. Who knows, maybe he might surprise us all and turn the Big Blue around.

Rich Rodriguez joined The Dan Patrick Showto talk about the QB controversy, about Terrell Pryor going to Ohio State, trying to keep guys focused on Western Michigan before they play Notre Dame, and if he has gone back to West Virginia since resigning.

Playing 3 quarterbacks doesn’t work. You want to have just one guy.

“A lot of folks you like to say that somebody is so good that they separate themselves and you can do everything you want in that offense with that one guy and that’s a perfect situation but if it’s not that then what’s the alternative? And for us it’s maybe using different packages and what they can do. I would be a little nervous about it because you know they need quality reps in practice. Well the way we structure our practice, we’ve gotten all of those guys a lot of quality reps and we get a lot of plays in practice. The two freshman you worry about because they haven’t played at all but uh we’ll try to play it out. We won’t know exactly for sure how we are going to play it out”

Not getting Terrelle Pryor, how much did that hurt you or set you back?

“Well I think you know in recruiting you always wish you get em all.  Everybody that you wanted, but in reality is you never get them all most of the time and you just kind of adjust accordingly and Terrelle’s doing very well at Ohio State and he is a great athlete. But even after that didn’t happen, we thought oh ok we will get some in the next class and we feel good about the guys that we got in this class. Very, very good at them in fact and we feel good about the guys that we are going to get in the future so you adjust accordingly. There should never be one guy that makes or breaks an entire program even thought at the QB position and any coach will tell you that is the key guy in any offense let alone the spread. And we were forced in the West Virginia not to only have Pat as you mentioned who was one of the greatest that I think ever played. Even before him Rasheed Marshall who was a great player so I think we got those those type of abilities in the guys we got and the guys that we can recruit.”

How do you keep the players focused on Western Michigan when you play Notre Dame the next week?

“Well you know I think our guys are that way. I think you have to appeal to their competitiveness and that what your program should be all about. Just like last year, the Utah game I thought our guys were really focused on that game and we didn’t win but wind up turned out Utah was pretty good. You know we lost by a couple points there and it wasn’t like you got back geez our guys are looking ahead there and uh I think our guys are completely focused on Western Michigan and I think you understand, I’ve said this for years for years that in college football division IA and I still call it division 1A. You know we are the only thing that every game regular season has so much importance. We don’t have a playoff so our playoffs begin with the first game.”

Have you been back to West Virginia?

“I have been back a few times uh my wife and kids have more times working on the house and we’re trying to sell that but I’ve been back I’ve got back twice this summer and saw the family and able to see some folks. Everybody has been really nice. I know there were a lot of hard feelings and a lot of things said you know when we first left. It’s a wonderful state and people and I have a whole lot of friends still there.”

Listen to Rich Rodriguez on the Dan Patrick Show

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