Joe Banner: ‘We Are Pleased With the Outcome of the Process.’

September 4, 2009 – 10:21 am by Jimmy Shapiro

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Joe Banner (president and COO) and the rest of the Eagles front office have to be commended for giving Michael Vick a second chance. Donovan McNabb has stated publicly that he lobbied to get Mike there in Philadelphia. So they bring along Vick and McNabb starts crying about how the use of Vick has upset the rhythm of the offense. Now that Roger Goodell has announced that Mike will only be suspended for 2 games, the Eagles now have four quarterbacks and have to decide what to do with the others as the deadline to cut down to a 53-man roster looms. After all, this could be a good thing for McNabb as he never really has had anyone to push him and step up his game.

Joe Banner recently joined Howard Eskin on WIP in Philadelphia to talk about Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Vick for only two games, on Vick’s chances of making the 53-man roster on Opening Day, and on the possibility of AJ Feeley being traded in the next 48 hours.

On Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Mike Vick for only two games:

“I think in our mind our view was that if Michael did the right things and the commissioner was hearing the right things from Tony Dungy you know he met again with Michael this morning face to face that all that went well. I think our best guess was somewhere maybe two to three games and that’s what we were hoping for. We are pleased with the outcome of the process and look forward to getting him onto the field.”

How much of a chance will you think that Michael Vick will be on that 53-man roster by opening day so he can practice?

“I think it’s really going to depend upon how clear cut we think the cuts are. And frankly if we come out of the game tonight with healthy players and no injuries, you know if we come out if this game with some players that are maybe backups but would play in the opening games and they have injuries that are two-three week injuries. It puts more pressure on that roster so I think we have to see where we come out on the cuts and how healthy we come out of tonight’s game before we will be able to determine that.”

Can AJ Feeley be traded by Wednesday?

“I don’t want to speculate on any particular player but most of the activity that takes place with respect to your roster decisions when other teams happen in kind of the next 48 hours. After that, teams can kind of set what they have and what they’re plans are. (Host: Is there a pretty good chance that AJ Feeley could be traded in the next 48 hours?) I don’t think its you know fair for me to kind of talk about a specific player and whether or not he will be traded. Whatever we would do with any particular players who may be players that other teams are interested in will happen most likely in the next few days.”

Listen to Joe Banner on WIP in Philly with Howard Eskin

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