Charles Barkley: ‘You Don’t Get Woman Off of Reality Television.’

September 14, 2009 – 1:00 pm by Jimmy Shapiro

SRI continues to work in new writers. This post is courtesy of Tim Gunter from 790 the Zone in Atlanta.  Charles Barkley is the one of the most outspoken people that I know of.  Charles never holds anything back. He will tell you like it is even if it isn’t what you want to hear.  One of the reasons Barkley was able to overcome his DUI that he got late last year is because he was honest and upfront about the situation and apologized.  Honesty is one of Barkley’s strengths, even though it may come out a bit weird.

Charles Barkley joined ESPN Dallas with GACto talk about Shawne Merriman’s incident with Tila Tequila, who the greatest basketball player of all-time is, why Jerry Sloan picked Charles to introduce him into the Hall of Fame, his recent trip to Australia with Russell Crowe, and whether he took his shirt off.

On Shawne Merriman’s incident with Tila Tequila:

“Hold on. I want to make this point.  By the time I get to the Hall of Fame they’ll be saying this:  It’s never with Chris Brown.  It’s never acceptable to put your hands on a woman.  I just got to say that you know when you read the ‘crawl’ on the dude?  Shawn Marion?  Oh man you can’t do that and I am like: I have heard that name Tila Tequila before. And I asked my daughter. She loves trash TV.  She watched Flava Flav, she watched those nutty Kardashian people.  I called my girls: Who is Tila Tequila?  She said: Dad, she is a bisexual girl on that show where she dates men and women.  You are kidding me right? He went for that?  I wanted to say:  Bro, you are Shawn Marion. (Host: Don’t do that to Shawn Marion. It’s Merriman) Merriman.  I’m Shawne Merriman and I don’t have to get my girls off of reality TV.”

Would you go to the young man (Shawne) and say ‘Hey, snap out of this crap’?

“Dude.  You are one of the best football players in the world.  You don’t get woman off of reality television. (Host: What about Reggie Bush?  There is another one.)  Well , he is not no Shawne Merriman now.  Reggie Bush hasn’t proven himself.  Shawne Merriman is Defensive Player of the Year, perennial Pro Bowler.  He got it different: I like Reggie Bush now.  He don’t have the resume that Merriman has got.”

On who is the greatest player of all-time:

“I can’t be fair because I didn’t play against Wilt, Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson.  As long as you say, one of those four, (Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell) I would say that is arguable.  Clearly I am going to pick Michael because I played against him.  If you pick any of those other three guys that I mentioned, I think that is a fair, valid argument. I really do. I think that is a fair, valid argument to pick any of those four guys.  It’s a legitimate debate to honest with you.”

Why do you think Jerry Sloan picked you to introduce him into the Hall of Fame?

“I do not know the answer to that to be honest with you.  It’s really one of the greatest honors: First of all, it’s one of the great phone calls that I ever got in my life.  It’s a great honor.  I was totally shocked and surprised by the phone call.  I don’t know but I got to tell you it’s really cool for me.  Somebody like Jerry Sloan: You know I was telling you I’ve been doing all these interviews and a guy says  ‘Everybody respects and likes Jerry Sloan’.  For me to get that phone call from him and you know what’s funny, I do these impersonations of Jerry Sloan and Bill Russell.  They are men of very few words.  Very few.  I did this the other day.  When Bill Russell a couple of years ago, he has a fantasy camp, this is the way the conversation goes:  ‘Charles Barkley, Bill Russell.  I am having a fantasy camp in Vegas in three weeks.  I need you there.  Ok, bye’. And that was it.  (Host: You were scared to say no.)  Jerry calls and said:  ‘Charles Barkley, Jerry Sloan. I don’t mean to bother you but it would be my honor to have you introduce me at the Hall of Fame’.  I said:  ‘Mr. Coach Sloan it would be an honor and a pleasure. Ok, bye’.  I tell people that these guys are so humble and great people.  They don’t say many words. They are like E.F. Hutton but when they speak people listen.”

On his trip to Australia with Russell Crowe:

“He is awesome man.  You know he owns one of those…you know they got real football over there.  They are nuts.  They play football without pads.  I was sitting there watching this.  If they paid these guys NFL money it would be different because these guys don’t make a lot of money, but to play football without pads is the nuttiest thing in the world.  And Russell owns one of the teams.  It was really cool to go.  We took his boat down the water and they had about 20-30 people on the boat and we drove up to the Olympic Stadium.  The Olympic Stadium is awesome.  But it was awesome just to be there.  I am sitting there watching this football game and I don’t want to insult the Australians and I am like ‘these guys are some damn idiots’.  These guys are playing football without pads.  They play:y first of all, it is on TV every single day, all day…and the guy was telling me that they don’t make a lot of money.  They do it out of pride.  I said that no one has got that much damn pride. Nobody plays football without pads every week for three or four, five months and don’t make any money.  At least in the NFL, you are going to kill yourself and at least you get to be a millionaire after it’s over.  But it was really awesome.  It was perfect weather walking around in shorts everyday and I can’t wait to go back.”

On whether people recognize him in Australia:

“Only about 30% of the people. It wasn’t like it was in Italy, Germany and Spain and places like that.  I think probably 35% of the people knew who I was to be honest with you.  They were very nice.  They are very friendly people, but I tell you what, some great scenery.  (Host: You didn’t show some skin off’ did you?) Come on bro!  Trust me, I am a few pounds from putting on the Speedos.  Seriously, I told you that I have been working on my body.  You are going to be impressed.  

“The only way you know that you are fat, is to walk in front of a full-length mirror naked.  I did that two months ago and I was embarrassed and humiliated.  The scale don’t lie.  You don’t know, depending on how tall you are, how short you are, how much muscle you got.  The only way you call tall how fat and obese like I was, is to stand in front of the mirror butt-ass naked.  And ever since then I have been working out like a mad man.  I have probably lost 40 lbs. before the season starts.  I probably have another six weeks to go.  I just stood there one day and watched myself naked and I was so embarrassed.  That’s the only way to know if you are really just a fat, lard ass.  Stand in front of the mirror naked.  The scale doesn’t do you justice.  The scale fluctuates.  Just stand in front of the mirror naked and you can’t lie to yourself.  First of all, you have to do it by yourself.  You don’t want anyone to see you like that.”

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