Shaun Hill: “I feel comfortable that this is my team.”

September 18, 2009 – 6:15 am by Jimmy Shapiro

SRI continues to work in new writers. This post is courtesy of Zach Krantz of WQAM in Miami.  Shaun Hill started last season in game 8 and has been the starter since for Mike Singletary and the 49ers.  He led to the team to a 5-3 record in the final 8 games and this season brought renewed enthusiasm for the fans of the 49ers.  The team drafted Michael Crabtree and hoped he could be the playmaker they needed at the wide receiver spot.  Crabtree is the lone 1st round pick holdout left from the draft, and doesn’t look like there is a light at the end of this negotiating tunnel.

Hill has played winning football for this team since taking over as starter last season and finally feels like he is the leader of the team.  With a stud running back in Frank Gore; Hill must be a smart quarterback to make this team go places in the NFC.  The 49ers haven’t been to the playoffs since 2002, when the QB was Jeff Garcia, their leading rusher was Garrison Hearst and their leading receiver was Terrell Owens. The good old’ days in the Bay Area.

Shaun Hill joined Into the Night with Tony Bruno and talks about the big win against Arizona last week, Mike Singletary, the lack of a rushing game in Arizona, on if he feels like this is his team now, and the Michael Crabtree holdout.

Shaun asked when he thought the 49ers could beat Arizona on Sunday:

“We were leading the game most of the game, there was a lot of frustration on the sidelines, we couldn’t get anything going offensively for a while, there was a large portion of the game when we were leading and we didn’t feel like we were in the lead. Then they took the lead in the 2nd half.  We felt like we had a chance the whole game, there were some squandered opportunities in the 1st half, some things we could have done to pad our lead a little bit.  The way it worked out, we had to come back and win in the 4th quarter, but we were able to do that.”

Asked if he thought rushing the ball for 21 total yards would get them the win:

“Anything is possible, that’s not what we were hoping to do, you know that s how it worked out.  We were fortunate to leave with the W.”

On the expectations in San Francisco this season:

“The 49er’s faithful was very excited after last year the way we kind of finished last season.  We were playing strong ball there at the end of the season and I think there is a lot of excitement going into the offseason and it’s kind of bleed through to the season this year and obviously the more wins we get here early the more excitement we will have around here.”

Asked if he feels like this is his team now and no one is looking over his back:

“Yeah, I feel that way for sure.  Yeah and I felt that way last year whenever I got the opportunity.  That’s the way you have to approach it in my situation and that’s the way I have approached it, that’s the way I came into the offseason and I feel comfortable that this is my team.”

On the Michael Crabtree situation:

“I am a little bit surprised it has gone on this long, I stay completely out of it.  I don’t know the ins and outs of it or anything like that.   All I know is that right now we have Josh Morgan and he is doing a great job for us, he had a great game for us Sunday. He had a great preseason and a great camp.  We are expecting big things out of him.  We are moving on and its business as usual around here.”

Listen to Shaun Hill on Into the Night with Tony Bruno

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