Josh McDaniels: “We’re Not Happy or Content With Any Phase Of Our Game Right Now, But We’re 2-0”

September 24, 2009 – 9:15 am by Jimmy Shapiro


SRI continues to bring in new writers.  This post is courtesy of Chris Fedor from WKNR in Cleveland.  Soon after the Broncos hired Josh McDaniels as their head coach to take over for Mike Shanahan, there was a lot of controversy and a lot of criticism directed at the 32 year-old, first-time head coach.  The offseason was chaotic in the Mile High City.  Whether it was Brandon Marshall demanding a new contract or Jay Cutler looking for a trade, it was not the way Josh McDaniels wanted to start out his coaching career.  Everyone knows how this story ends.  McDaniels traded away his potential franchise quarterback to Chicago for a couple of first round draft picks and Kyle Orton.  He took a lot of criticism for the move and its something that he will always have to deal with as long as he’s in Denver.

It’s only two games so far this season, but the Broncos are 2-0, McDaniels has kept his team focused throughout and have the Raiders coming up this weekend with a great chance to move to 3-0.  It’s rare that a team can trade away the leader of their offense, their potential franchise quarterback and not really miss a beat, but so far McDaniels looks like he has an idea of what it takes to win in the NFL.  Kyle Orton won’t make anyone forget about Jay Cutler, but if McDaniels can lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs this season, it could soften the loss of Cutler.

Josh McDaniels joined Myers and Hartman on Fox Sports Radio to talk the 2-0 start to the season, Brandon Marshall, the goals for the season and how he dealt with the criticism this offseason.

On the 2-0 start:

“We can only be 2-0 at this point and we’re certainly not pleased with everything that we’ve done on the field, but we’ve played well enough to beat two teams.  In this league, every win is critical so we’re happy where we’re at and we’re getting ready for Oakland right now.” 

Any reason why Brandon Marshall was only on the field for a limited time during Sunday’s game:

“No.  No specific reason.  We’ve got a lot of skill players that play and we’re always going to have that philosophy.  Whether that’s our backs, our receivers, or our tight ends, we rotate a lot of people in and out.  We were in quite a few one receiver groupings with multiple tight ends on the field, we were running the ball quite a little bit during that stretch and Jabar Gaffney has taken most of those snaps throughout training camp and the preseason.  That’s kind of been his role and he took the majority of those again on Sunday.  All of our guys will be ready to play and Brandon (Marshall) was ready to go when we went back to him there in the third quarter.  He made a bunch of good plays there in the second half and that’s just kind of standard procedure for us.” 

On how what in the offense has changed based on having Kyle Orton instead of Jay Cutler:

“Nothing, nothing has changed.  Our concept of offensive football is to really identify the defense and define what they try to do to defend you each week.  Once we’ve done that, we go about trying to attack where we think we can and stay away and protect things that are strengths of the defense.  Kyle (Orton) is capable of running our entire system.  He’s shown that, demonstrated it and we’re pleased with much of what he’s done the first few weeks.  Like everybody he’s got room for improvement and that’s what we’re going to be hard at work starting tomorrow.”

On how he handled the criticism in the offseason:

“Just keep working.  Ultimately you’re going to be judged by wins and losses and if you win plenty of games then you’re doing the right thing and if you don’t then obviously you need to do some things different, get better and try to find a way to win.  Patience, having some poise, trying to plug away everyday at your job and really just surrounded myself with a wonderful staff that does a great job on a daily basis.  A lot of the right players were here and we added a bunch since we’ve got here that together we feel is a strong group.  They come to work everyday with that same mindset.  I don’t really let any of the criticism effect me and I don’t think anyone in our organization does.  All we’re concerned with is trying to win games each week.  We’re 2-0 and looking forward to game three.”

On whether or not he’s talked to Bill Belichick:

“I have.  We touched base after week one.  I don’t know if the football gods were with us or what, but we both kind of won in dramatic fashion in week one.  He and I shared a second to talk about that.  We’ll stay in touch.  I’ll never forget where I came from and I’ll always be indebted to the things that he allowed me to do and all the things that he taught me.”

Listen to Josh McDaniels on Fox Sports Radio with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman

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