Charles Barkley: “I Think Twittering and All That Facebook Crap Just Makes You a Loser”

September 30, 2009 – 2:35 pm by Jimmy Shapiro


This post was written by Chris Fedor of WKNR in Cleveland.  Charles Barkley is very opinionated and it doesn’t matter about the subject.  Sometimes he talks about the NBA.  Sometimes he talks about the world of entertainment.  Sometimes he talks about his unbelievably unorthodox golf swing.  Sometimes he talks about how he wants to give up the game of golf.  Whatever Sir Charles is talking about, he doesn’t hold any punches and always brings a strong opinion to the table. 

Now his target is social networking.  Needless to say, Barkley is not a fan of Twitter, Myspace, Facebook or even instant messaging and has a message for all the athletes and all the people that use those things on a daily basis.

Charles Barkley joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the evolution of twitter, how much he hates it, the spat between Terrell Owens and Rodney Harrison, and whether he would want Owens on his team.

On his thoughts on Twitter:

“First of all, I’m not a damn loser.  I don’t twitter.  I think twittering and all that facebook crap just makes you a loser.  I’ve never said to myself ‘I wonder what what’s his name is doing today.’  Shaquille O’Neal is one of my favorite people, I love him like a brother, but I’ve never said to myself ‘let me twitter Shaquille O’Neal.  I wonder what he’s doing today.”

On whether Tiger or Jordan does twitter:

“I hope not.  I hope they’ve got a life.  Anybody who sits around and worries about what somebody else is doing and you’re following somebody else around, clearly makes you just a loser in my mind.  I think the facebook stuff is stupid.  People who sit around and worry about what some celebrity is doing, that’s just ignorant to me.  I truly believe that.  I’m not trying to be funny or anything.  Somebody has no life when they’re sitting there worrying about what somebody has to say.  Like ‘oh yeah I’m at this place eating or I’m at this place today,’ that just makes you a loser.”

On the spat between Terrell Owens and Rodney Harrison:

“Well I think that when you’re on TV you just say it like it is and T.O (Terrell Owens) got a little personal.  That’s just the way it is.  I love T.O, he’s a good friend of mine, but he’s just so frustrating to play with.  It’s funny I was out with one of my friends last night watching the Carolina game, some of these wide receivers are so funny.  Of course you want to get the ball to your best player, but sometimes you have to give the defense credit or sometimes the quarterback is running for his life or whatever, but to hear some of these wide receivers to think ‘yeah the coach has something against me, he doesn’t want to get me the ball,’ that’s just asinine.  That’s just so stupid that it’s hard for me to believe that somebody would think ‘the coach is deliberately trying not to get me the ball.”

On whether he would want Terrell Owens on his team:

“No.  (Host: Have you told him that?)  We’ve never got on that conversation.  I like T.O, he’s one of my homeboys, he’s from Alabama, but you have to understand something, I can understand that all great players want the ball, but this TOs fourth time.  At some point you hope to say ‘C’mon man we’re not deliberately trying not to give you the ball.’  Then when you do one of those confrontational press conferences, that’s just the same thing that started in San Francisco, went to Philly, went to Dallas and is now in Buffalo, that wouldn’t be fun.  Like I said, they’re not deliberately trying not to give him the ball.”

Listen to Charles Barkley on the Dan Patrick Show

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  1. 5 Responses to “Charles Barkley: “I Think Twittering and All That Facebook Crap Just Makes You a Loser””

  2. He’s right.

    By joel on Sep 30, 2009

  3. I agree with the round mound of rebound. I mean I wouldn’t say Chuck hasn’t become a bit embarrassing in recent but I agree with his premise that following other each other so closely, or rather simply spouting trivial details about someones day, is an evolution of boredom. Go pursue your career or something. Pick up an instrument, a book, a hobby, something. I’m 25 and have lots of friends that have asked me ‘why don’t you have a facebook? when are you gonna get on ‘space (long before Facebook took the throne for social networking)?’ It’s like it’s EXPECTED of you if you’re a young man or woman to be on some social site. Dunno. It’s not for me. Before Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter I used to think blogs were laughable because who would want to know all these details about peoples mediocre lives? Don’t they get the hint after 12 months of posts with all of 2 comments for all your enlightenment? But now the thought people were actually writing a few paragraphs with a theme for basically everyone to see in blogs seems far evolved from one-liners on Twitter, MySpace’s ‘thx for the add!’ crap, or Facebook where you’re only squawking to your approved circle of friends who probably already heard the story from you.

    By someone on Sep 30, 2009

  4. One of the things that frustrates me most is when people hate on social networking sites, and say they are for losers or imply that they encourage an individual to waste time or be more anti-social.

    I am one of the the people who the above commenter was referring to, as I am routinely surprised and disappointed when peopled tell me that they don’t have a facebook.

    Facebook and twitter are not all about finding out what your friends are doing or creeping on peoples photos. Some people may do that, but that is a personal decision that they made to waste their time and is completely unrelated to me.

    Facebook is INNOVATION OF SOCIAL INTERACTION. I have a network of over 3,100 facebook friends , and as a young entrepreneur there is no tool more valuable to me than this. It brings elegant organization to ones social network and provides opportunites to expand it in profound ways.

    Some examples:

    I need to interview basketball players for my website, and if I don;t have their number i can facebook them for the interview. Furthermore I can look through his profile pics to select the best photo for my site.

    I have met tons of different valuable business connections through facebooking. One of my top business advisors on my site and someone who has introduced me to a ton of people with great connections, is someone i met on facebook. I meet all of the writers for my websites by putting out feelers in groups and on pages asking if there are young people looking for an opportunity to write for a website and get a leg up on their peers.

    I can help change lives through facebook. Every day I post inspirational and motivational quotes on my status update, and they show up on all my friends news feeds. I get dozens of comments a day of people telling me how much they enjoyed it, were inspired, or will make changes in their life because of it. I;ve also inspired a lot of my friends to do the same. Many of the people who comment frequently are people who i didnt even know personally, who were just facebook freinds, and after reading a few statuses they realized i thought similarly to them and we have since become friends.

    Who likes carrying a camera everywhere they go and snapping photos? man do but I dont? Who likes organizing all of them in a scrapbook? many do but i dont. With facebook i can look at my 1000+ photos that have been tagged of me and reminisce on great nights ive had, and none of that would be possible without facebook. Furthermore, i can share photos, links, and cool videos with my friends with the click of the mouse instead of having to send it in the mail.

    In conclusion, if facebook has been the #1 tool for the success of my business (a business that helps inner city athletes get recruited by colleges), has made me a ton of friends who think like me and like what I do, enables me to inspire people daily, and makes my everyday social interactions more enjoyable and easy, how can you really talk negatively about facebookers because some indaviduals use it to waste time and stalk people. Some poeople use non-profits for money laundering, so are people who work for non-profits losers too?

    Daniel Poneman
    18 years old

    PLEASE respond to me, somebody

    Facebook is INNOVATION of social interaction and is the future. Sprint and Verizon better watch out for FACEBOOK MOBILE

    By Daniel Poneman on Sep 30, 2009

  5. Gomer, what does that mean? I didnt say all 3100+ FB friends I have are my real friends, I said some of them have gone from being just facebook friends to becoming real friends or real business associates. Many of those 3100 are not my real friends, but the money I have made off of the relationships ive developed with some of them is very, very real.

    By Daniel Poneman on Oct 1, 2009

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