Kevin Kolb: ‘I am just going to play for the here and now and keep working like I have been.’

September 30, 2009 – 7:44 am by timgunter

Long ago Kevin Kolb thought he would never get a chance to start a game for the Eagles. It wasn’t until Donovan McNabb broke a rib during week 1 that he got his chance.  Kevin has done the most with the opportunity as he has thrown for 4 TD’s and over 300 yards in each game.  Kolb became the first QB in NFL history to pass for 300 yards in each of his first two career starts.  Kevin had the benefit of copious amounts of time to throw the ball and playing against a horrible NFL team.  Some combination of the Eagles’ blocking schemes and the Chiefs’ inability to get to the quarterback allowed Kolb plenty of opportunity to set his feet and make clean throws.  The Eagles have a bye week this week which should give Donovan enough time to rest his injury and be ready for Tampa Bay. With Kevin’s great play, the Eagles must feel good that they have a guy they can count on if Donovan goes down again.

Kevin joined WIP in Philadelphia to talk about the difference heading into the Chiefs game vs. Saints game, how much the 2ndgame slowed down for him, how hard it is to have patience when he sees the blitz coming, on Brent Celek becoming a legitimate tight end, and how tough it is to wait for your opportunities.

 On the difference heading into this week’s game vs. last week:

“Well just having one under my belt and knowing what to expect and knowing the speed of the game and of course having one performance out of the way.  It was a loss but the more games you get under your belt the better you are going to feel.  I also had a good feeling our defense had a chance to shut those guys down like they did so you don’t have the pressure to make every play.  You just try to be efficient and that is what we tried to do.”

 On how much the 2nd game slowed down for him:

“The game slowed down for me a lot.  That is what you hope for obviously because that is when the availability to make plays is there.  I was almost a little leery on how calm that I was and I was thinking that I wasn’t hyped up for this game.  It felt good when I got out there because I was seeing everything clear and of course the offensive line helped me with that because there wasn’t anyone around me all day.  It felt good and preparation was a big part of that.”

On how hard it is to have patience when he sees the blitz coming:

“Oh yeah.  Earlier in the game I was real upset with myself because I was skating in my drops a little bit and throwing off of my back foot. I am sure you saw it.  You know we were still getting completions but it wasn’t as crisp as it could have been.  So I tried to settle myself in there at the end of the first and in the second quarter and started to feel a little bit better.”

On Brent Celek:

“Brent is one of those players where you saw him get onto the field you knew he was going to be pretty special.  He is just a guy that fills holes and understands coverages and knows where the creases are and the big thing he does is that he knows how to throttle down in a hole.  Desean is really good at that too.  He knows when he is open.  A quarterback loves a guy like that because he doesn’t have to try to place the ball into one particular spot.  He knows that guys are going to be there.  Brent and I definitely got a good relationship on and off the field.  Hopefully that will continue and he will have just as much success with Donovan out there as he did with me.”

On how fun it is to be the guy behind center for two games so far this season:

“It has been a blast.  I think the big thing is proving not only to everybody else but to myself that I could do it.  I always have faith but there is that few percent that you never know.  Especially when you have to let one settle for as long as the Ravens one did.  You are anxious to get out there and get a better taste in your mouth.  Obviously the first week we did some things offensively but got out tails kicked in but yesterday we were able to put it all together and go into the bye week with a win.”

On how tough it is to wait for your opportunities:

“It is tough.  The biggest thing to do is take it week by week and just stay focused.  If you are trying to look at the whole picture you get into trouble doing that kind of thing. Again, like I said before when all of this started, I am just going to play for the here and now and keep working like I have been.  The opportunity will come when I get my shot again and when it does hopefully I can ride it out as a starter from then on.”

On whether before this season he questioned himself as a NFL quarterback:

“No, I never questioned if I couldn’t do it.  I just didn’t know what the opportunity and situation was going to be like.  With a chance to come in and play a team like the Chiefs, the free agents pickup that we had this year, the talent that is on the field…  There were a lot of things that were right about yesterday.  There is still a lot of work to be done. Watching film this morning it really wasn’t that good.  You figure out that there is a lot more that you can correct.  You are never perfect in this game and you keep striving for it.”

Listen to Kevin Kolb on WIP in Philadelphia with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese

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