Brandon Marshall: “No Team Has Made the Playoffs at 4-0 So We Have a Lot of Work to Do.”

October 7, 2009 – 11:10 am by timgunter

Who would have thought that the Broncos would be undefeated at the beginning of the season? I will be the first to admit that I thought they would be bad this year. After all, they traded away Jay Cutler and replaced him with Kyle Orton. Not to mention the fact that Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels were fighting like little school girls during training camp. It is amazing to see how much winning games can cure things. Now Marshall and McDaniels seem like the best of friends (as evidenced by this hug). We will really find out how good the Broncos are and how good their relationship really is after these next 4 games against: New England, San Diego, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Talk about a murderer’s row! The first four games were cupcakes as their combined records were a minuscule 6-10. The next 4 games are by far the toughest stretch of games they will have this year. This stretch will be a measuring stick for how good the team really is and could really make or break their season. Let’s not all jump on the Broncos bandwagon yet as it could easily fall apart after these next four games. Check back with them in about 4 weeks and we will see what the team is really about.

Brandon Marshall joined The Michael Irvin Show in Dallas to talk about the fact that the Broncos are a 4-0 team, on his relationship with Josh McDaniels, how surprised the Broncos are at being 4-0 at this time, why he is being listed as the Broncos #2 receiver, whether he grabbed Terrence Newman’s jersey while coming off the line on the 51-yard TD catch, and what he thought of the Cowboys defense overall in the game.

On the fact that the Broncos are a 4-0 team:

“In the National Football League, you are what you are and we are 4-0. Like coach said yesterday:  No team has made the playoffs at 4-0 so we have a lot of work to do.”

On Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels’ relationship right now:

“Well you know there are two sides to this thing.  That’s what sometimes the fans forget and other people outside of football forget that there are two sides to this thing.  It’s not just the fun in playing, there is also a business side.  In the business side, yes things didn’t go the way I wanted it this summer.  It was kind of bad but the football side I was always there.  I believe in Coach even when I was on you guys’ show in camp.  I told you guys when it is all said and done that Coach is going to be a winner.”


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