Anquan Boldin On His Ongoing Contract Situation: “If they get me done, fine. If not, I guess I have to find a home somewhere else. But as long as I’m playing football, I’m doing good.

October 8, 2009 – 12:54 pm by Michael Bean

Huge game coming up for the defending NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals. Arizona sits at 1-2 and are one of the few teams that will be coming off the very early season BYE Week. Their opponent this weekend will be Houston at home before consecutive road games against NFC foes (Seattle; New York Giants). One of the reasons Arizona hasn’t really played too well this year is an inconsistent offense. One of their integral weapons – wide receiver Anquan Boldin – has worked his way through some nagging injuries to play in all three games and catch 16 passes for 171 yards and 1 touchdown. He joined Hardcore Sports Radio to talk about how the team is feeling after the BYE Week, his contract situation, and how the team needs to just relax and have fun as they try to get their 2009 season on track.

On how he would assess the season so far through three games and the BYE Week:

“Well I don’t think we’ve played our best football yet. I still feel we’re feeling things out, we’re trying to overcome some things. You know, we went out the first week and didn’t play up to our standards and we ended up losing the home opener against the 49ers. Then we traveled across the country and we beat up on Jacksonville pretty good. Then we come back Sunday night and lose a heartbreaker to Indianapolis. So we’ve been on a roller coaster, but for us, we feel like the off week came at a good time. We were able to get some guys back healthy that we think will be able to help us win this week.”

On if he thinks the Cardinals are playing a bit too tight now that they have a bullseye on their back:

“Yeah, like you said, that’s the nature of this business. Whatever you do, it’s going to be scrutinized, whether it’s good or bad. But I think the thing for us is just to get back to having fun. That’s the main thing we did during the playoff run. Nobody gave us a chance last year to win ever the first game, the first playoff game against Atlanta. But you know, we had fun making a run and that’s something we got to get back to. Like you said, it may be a situation where guys are going out tense, they don’t want to make mistakes, or trying to press and get back to playing the way they were towards the end of the year last year when the only thing you got to do is go out and have fun and let the game come to you.”

On if he’s content in Arizona even though the team has not yet re-signed him to a long-term extension:

“Yeah I’m doing good. I let the whole contract talk, you know, to the side. If they get me done, fine. If not, I guess I have to find a home somewhere else. But as long as I’m playing football, I’m doing good.”

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