Colt McCoy: ““I have never second guessed the decision that I made to come back”

October 9, 2009 – 9:45 am by Jimmy Shapiro

This post was written by Zach Krantz of WQAM in Miami. A college career that consists of three bowl game wins, runner up for the Heisman Trophy award, a potential 1st round pick in the NFL, and numerous records at Texas is something to brag about. The crazy part is that this is not the full career highlights for Colt McCoy. He is once again in his senior year predicted to be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, has a shot to be a first round pick in the NFL, and could cap off his career as a national champion.

McCoy and Texas have to face a string of three ranked teams coming up including Oklahoma. Texas has beat up on teams this season while Colt is putting up some monster numbers.   Texas is currently ranked #2 in the polls and McCoy is determined to get his team to the BCS national title game this year after being passed over last season for Oklahoma, even though Texas beat them in the regular season.  Maybe for Texas and all its fans being passed over was a good thing; well because of that, Colt McCoy came back for his senior year.


Colt McCoy joined the Dan Patrick Show  and talks about coming back for his senior year at Texas, watching Tebow and Bradford, and when if ever he thinks about the Heisman Trophy.


Asked if he regretted his decision to come back for his senior year after watching Tebow and Bradford get hurt:


“I have never second guessed the decision that I made to come back.  I am having a blast.  You’re going to get hit; you’re going to have to be prepared for that.  Sometimes you get hit the right way and things happen.  I just want to be in the best physical shape that I can and be the best I can be for our team.”


Asked about Tebow, Bradford and himself taking big shots being so high profile:


“As a quarterback, Tim competes in the SEC, Sam and I compete in the Big 12, we know we are going to take hits.  You just try to be in the best shape possible, have your bodies as physically prepared as you can and you know, go to work.”


Asked when the last time he thought about the Heisman Trophy:


“I don’t think about that, I am totally focused on our team.  You know we are only four games into the season. For me I know that if our team continues to play well and I play well then I may have a shot at the end, but that’s not my focus at all.  My focus is our team and winning games.”


Listen to Colt McCoy on The Dan Patrick Show

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