Owen Schmitt After Busting His Head Open With His Helmet: “I didn’t think my head was going to split open.”

October 13, 2009 – 11:15 am by Michael Bean

Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt already had a reputation of being a crazy dude when he came out of West Virginia this past year. Mostly for the incident when he beat himself with his helmet during a game during his junior season. On Sunday, Schmitt added to his legend when he again beat himself with his helmet. This time though it came during the pre-game introductions during Seattle’s home contest against the Jacksonville Jaguars. And this time, it caused him to bleed profusely, staining his jersey noticeably before the first snap of the game had even taken place.  Check out the video of the incident below.

Schmitt joined KRKO in Seattleto talk about what he was thinking when he did that, how he’s a self-proclaimed meathead, if his coaches got on his case for the incident, and how he was just trying to give the fans and his team a lift before the big game on Sunday.

On if that was planned or something he just did in the heat of the moment:

“You know, I did it last year when I came out in the beginning of the season. And you know, it was something where I was kinda like man, this is a big game for us, get us back on track a little bit. Add a little fuel to the fire you know. Help the crowd get a little more pumped up, get us a little more jacked up. And you know, I didn’t think my head was going to split open.”

On if his coaches got on him for the incident, if only because Schmitt was the only active fullback on the roster:

“Yeah, Greg Knapp got after me pretty good, which he you know, he was definitely right. I should of…you know, the intent obviously wasn’t for me to have that result happen. And it did, so obviously just be careful and you know that’s not going to happen again.”

On how his actions fired up the crowd and his team:

“Yeah that was probably one of the…it wasn’t planned but I thought if someone else would have done that for an intro…But you know, me being a meathead, of course I thought it would have been cool.”

On how he thinks people will perceive him now that NFL fans around the country have seen the video:

“I don’t know what it says about a person, being able to physically cause pain to themselves. You know, that might be called clinically insane. It might be, I think that’s the term for it.”

On if he thinks he’s insane, a subject that the PTI boys were debating on Monday’s show:

Let’s be real. Everybody’s a little crazy to play that game.”

Listen here to Schmitt with Jeff Aaron on KRKO in Seattle

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