Matt Hasselbeck: “I Got the Wind Knocked Out of Me. It’s Happened Before, But This Was Different, and it Never Came Back”

October 15, 2009 – 9:00 am by Jimmy Shapiro


The Seattle Seahawks had a rough start to the season, they won their first game and then dropped three straight.  The common denominator in those three losses were no Matt Hasselbeck. The follically challenged quarterback injured his ribs in the 2nd quarter of the Hawks week two game against the 49ers.  He missed the next two which were losses and came back last weekend against the Jags and they won that game 41-0.  I figure after reading that you can imagine how much he means to the Seahawks and that offense. 



Hasselbeck has good weapons on offense to work with including T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who came over from the Bengals.  The Seahawks are 2-3 heading into the game this weekend versus the high powered Arizona Cardinals and with a healthy Hasslebeck, this game could be a shootout.


Matt Hasselbeck on ESPN Radio 710 in Seattle with Brock and Salk talking about the hit that knocked him out of game two by Patrick Willis, what he did to get better, the teams attitude after the losses, and how they got back on track versus Jacksonville.


Asked about the moments after he got hit and knocked out of Game 2:


“It was the two minute offense, we were trying to score before the half, and it was one of those things when you’re out of breath to begin with.  Then Patrick Willis just put me into the turf, I couldn’t breathe, I got the wind knocked out of me.  It’s happened before, but this was different, and it never came back.  The next thing I know I am in an ambulance headed to Stanford Medical Center.  They are talking about testing for things you see on TV.  I was kind of panicking a little bit, but to just have broken ribs is pretty good, considering what they were looking for.  To have a chance in just a short amount of time to play, back at Qwest with my teammates and help us get a win was very special.”


Asked about what he can do to get a cracked rib better, any kind of rehab:


“You know I actually didn’t know I had a fractured rib.  They were testing for more like, are you going to live type stuff, my lung and my heart and stuff.  It wasn’t until the flight home when our team doctors looked at the scans and they saw what they saw.  They came back to my seat, they tried to explain you have a fracture here and you might have another one.  I knew that it was going to be a long road at that point.”



Asked from a team standpoint how tough the struggles were when he was out:


“I think the hardest thing for me was the flight home from Indianapolis.  Obviously Chicago was hard, not to be a part of it, but I was in so much pain in Chicago, there was no thought of being able to help.  Indianapolis was the same thing but it was a long flight home.  Guys were just searching for answers, having conversations with guys, just being like we got to figure out a way to fix this thing, we have to fix it.  None of us had the answers but I think all of us, those guys in the NFL, we have all had dark moments along our journey.  Whether it’s not being invited to the combine, or being cut or benched, whatever those dark moments were.  We just had to find a way to pull out of it and I think as a team we have to do the same thing.  You just have to find a way. For me, my something was to try and practice and see if I had anything to offer.”


(This post was written by Zach Krantz)


Listen to Matt Hasselbeck on ESPN 710 in Seattle with Brock Huard and Mike Salk (17:45 into podcast)

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