Urban Meyer: “If You Play Great Defense You have a Chance to Win Every Single Game You Play.”

October 15, 2009 – 10:20 am by Jimmy Shapiro

The Florida Gators are the defending national champs, they have Tim Tebow, the #1 ranked defense in the nation and every week is the biggest week of the season for the team they play.  Last week UF played in Baton Rouge to face #4 ranked LSU with Tebow coming back off a nasty concussion.  I guess two weeks were long enough to get him healthy and make sure they came out of that game unscathed.  Coach Urban Meyer has built a machine in Gainesville and right now it’s being run by Tim Tebow.  The Gators are on a path to face #2 Alabama in a SEC showdown in the SEC championship game and that game will produce one half of the BCS Championship game as it did last season.





Urban has Arkansas at home this weekend at the Swamp where it’s almost impossible to beat the Gators (Ole Miss did it last year and UF went on to win the BCS Championship after Tebow’s famous speech). After that the Gators take to Mississippi to take on old Offensive Coordinator Dan Mullen and then on to Jacksonville for the World Largest Cocktail Party against Georgia.  Can this be the third time in four years the Gators play and win the BCS Championship, and if it is where does this put Urban Meyer in the greatest coaches of all time talk? Where is Tim Tebow ranked in a different argument as well for best college players of all time? Only time will tell, and that time is in the next four months.


Urban Meyer joined Joe Rose on WQAM in Miamito talk about his highly ranked defense, all the questions surrounding Tim Tebow to play last week, and how important recruiting is for college football and his involvement in South Florida.


Asked about his #1 ranked defense in the country:


 “We don’t forget about how good our defense is here.  When you watch good football, when you watch a good team, not just teams that win but teams that have a chance to compete for championships, you have to play great defense.  In 2007 we broke all kinds of records, we scored 611 points, but you don’t win unless play great defense. If you play great defense you have a chance to win every single game you play.”


Asked what it was like to have to give daily updates on Tim Tebow:


“Early in the week we had a specialist from Pittsburgh come down, a neurologist from Shands (Hospital), so we had the dream team working on this whole situation.  It was very simple, he either will or he won’t.  They told us Tuesday or Wednesday that there is a chance he is going to be cleared.  All I asked for game plan purposes in development for John Brantley, was is there a chance? All the symptoms went away real early and that was the key to the whole thing.  I asked the question very simply, if we wait another week would that be better?  They said we are not going to clear him if we need to wait another week.  If you find anything positive about this injury, there is no way you can mask tests.  You can be the toughest guy in the world, which Tim Tebow is arguably one of those guys, and you can’t fight it like a sprained ankle.  You’re either cleared or you’re not.”


Asked about getting his entire defense and lots of backups to come back for this season:


“We are very fortunate to have all those guys.  You know the best thing about them is their good guys too.  A couple of years ago we were up in LSU, we had to throw Gatorade bottles against the wall,  you know chest bumping and coaches had to act like cheerleaders, this year is a whole different story.  You have Brandon Spikes, Joe Haden and Major Wright, they are very mature.  After the game Spikes got up and told them don’t make a big deal of this, this is what we have to do, we play hard, and we take care of our business.  I admire these guys.”


(This post was written by Zach Krantz)


Listen to Urban Meyer on WQAM in Miami with Joe Rose

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