Ken Whisenhunt: “For Where we Are at this Point in the Season, it’s a Really Big Win for Us.”

October 27, 2009 – 9:15 am by Zach Krantz

The Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl last year under first year Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and coming into this season there were again high expectations.  Whisenhunt is an offensive-minded coach and has serious weapons in Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.  So the question is, can this Cardinal team get back to the big game or was last year a fluke?  Well the Red Birds are 4-2 on the season and Sunday night they had a big win against the New York Football Giants in Giants Stadium.  The Cardinals hadn’t beaten the Giants on the road since 1999 and now Arizona has won three straight road games for the first time since 1987.  Whisenhunt has this team playing very well and right in the hunt for the NFC West title to get them into the playoffs, where even though last season they backed into the playoffs, they still managed to get to Tampa for the Super Bowl.  Arizona is home this weekend against the Carolina Panthers.

Ken Whisenhunt joined KTAR in Phoenix and talked about the big win against the Giants, how all of a sudden the team are the road warriors, where they stand in the NFC and where they would like to be at the end of the season.

Asked how big the win against the Giants was for the team and for him:

“It’s really ironic, at the same time last year the Dallas game was a big game for us.  I think when you add the national spotlight to this game and we got to do it in front of all of our fans and in front of all the people across the country, its big.  It’s one of the biggest wins we had, because on top of that, it’s an east coast win and that’s something that in the past, although we have been good this year, we haven’t been real effective at.  For that standpoint for where we are at this point in the season, it’s a really big win for us.”

Talked about the 3-0 record on the road and being a good road team:

“I think they have a lot of belief in each other and we can overcome things.  I think I point back to right before the half in the Super Bowl, when they had that big play for the touchdown, which was probably one of the most devastating plays you can ever face as a team.  We were able to come back in the second half, and get back in front.  That gave us a lot of confidence that we can overcome things.  I think there is a lot of trust with our players, amongst our team and you look at how many different guys made plays.  That to me is what a team is all about and that’s what’s so enjoyable about this win.”

Asked about being in the top tier of NFL teams and how they Giants win reminded teams about that:

“Not that we really worry about that, I think this is more for our fans which I believe in.  Winning a game like this against a good opponent, which nobody questions the Giants are a good opponent, on national TV certainly gives you a lot of respect around the league.  You know I got a number of texts from people in the league that were expressing to me how impressive that was.  So yeah I think it’s good, because when you walk out in the public or when our fans our walking around with their Cardinals stuff on, they can hold their head up and say, ‘I am a Cardinals fan’ and hopefully that does give us a little more respect.”

Listen to Ken Whisenhunt on KTAR in Phoenix with Doug and Wolf


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