Gary Kubiak: The Texans can win the AFC South, if the Colts weren’t in there

November 10, 2009 – 8:45 am by Zach Krantz

For a team that had never been to the .500 mark in franchise history, there are a lot of expectations in Houston for this Texan team to become good….fast.  Gary Kubiak in year four as head coach for the Texans has his quarterback, wide receiver and O-Line in place to prove his prowess as an offensive guru.  The problem is the C word, consistency and that’s something they don’t possess right now in Texas.  Steve Slaton was the stud running back and he was replaced by Ryan Moats because of a case of fumblitis; he’s lost five fumbles in the first eight games. He’s fumbled eight times overall. They also lost their star tight end Owen Daniels for the season with a torn  ACL.  Kubiakheads into the bye week with his team 5-4 and in need of a big push the second half of the season if he wants to make the playoffs, it doesn’t help that the 8-0 Colts are also in the AFC South, so the Texans will be fighting for one of the two wildcard spots in the AFC.

Gary Kubiak joined KILT in Houston  to talk about the loss to Indy, the good and bad of the offense and the upcoming bye week.

Asked about the tempo of Indy’s offense:

“They did a tremendous job all day not only early in the game.  Obviously when you practice to play Peyton and the Colts you do a lot of cadence preparation from a defensive standpoint, holding your looks, trying to hold your scheme so you don’t show him too quick.  They came back in the first series of the game; they went on quick count on every snap.  That’s the way things works in this league sometimes you prepare for one thing, you get the next.  We adjusted extremely well.”

Asked about his thoughts on Larry Johnson as a guy that maybe can help his team:

“All of a sudden Larry Johnson could come up on the waiver wire this afternoon, I am sure we are not the only team that’s surprised.  He is a good football player; he has been successful in this league.  We will do our homework on him like we do all players.  I know it’s got the ball rolling so to speak, but we did our homework on Edgerrin James last week when he was released.  That’s part of our job, Rick is doing that on a constant basis in our personal department, we as coaches become more of a part of that towards the end of the week.  I am sure we will look at Larry like we do all players and we probably won’t be the only team.”

Asked about opponents having safety help on Andre Johnson at all times and if that affects plays called for him:

“We see all kinds of Andre Johnson gameplans and yesterday we saw one a little bit different because Owen Daniels wasn’t in there so we had to adjust.  We moved Andre inside; we started the game with Andre as an inside receiver doing some things.  If we don’t move him around it makes things very difficult to get him the football with some of the things people are doing, We have to be creative with him.  I think we have enough guys were we don’t have to force the issue, I think we have guys that can make plays and keep people honest, but yet we need to still find ways for Andre to work his magic and he was excellent yesterday.”

Listen to Gary Kubiak on KILT in Houston with Drivetime Players

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