Pete Rose Goes to Bat For His Lady!

November 11, 2009 – 11:40 am by Michael Bean

Charlie Hustle. Good for you. Always finding a way to stay in the news. When I heard Pete Rose was on the airwaves in Houston recently, I figured it might have had something to do with the relationship he’s struck up with recent World Series champion Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. Not quite. Instead, the all time Major League Hit King was on KGOW in Houston lobbying for his current girlfriend to be selected to shed her clothes in Playboy. Just take a listen for yourself.


Why on KGOW in Houston? Well because former Playmate and current Playboy scout Mikki Chernoff was in studio, along with former NBA player Mo Taylor. In addition to lobbying for his lady friend, Rose talked about his reinstatement back in to the game, this year’s World Series, his relationship with Alex Rodriguez and Rose even got ribbed a bit for his role in the DVD extras of  Sacha Baron Cohen’s prank-filled movie Bruno. 

(Editor’s note:  Pete Rose has always been a ladies man.  When he played with the Phillies, he left his first wife for an Eagles cheerleader.  He then married her.  He’s now divorced for a second time and dating this Asian beauty above.  I can’t seem to find her name, but the radio station said she’s supposed to be in studio next week with them.)

On what his connection with Playboy is:

“Well, I’ve been friends with Mikki for several years…and my girl has finally decided to try to shoot for Playboy, and they were kind enough to give her an opportunity to come to Houston next week for an interview, and we’re excited about that. She’s beautiful, she’s young, educated – there’s a lot of qualities.”

Rose was then asked about his ability to still land beautiful young women at his age:

“Oh, no. You got to stay young, keep yourself young. And that’s all part of it. You know, I work in Vegas 17 days a month at The Field of Dreams store, and you know, my girl’s a real educated girl – she graduated from Arizona State. She had a very prestigious job several years ago when she was a flight attendant for Korean Airlines, which is really a big deal in Korea, and she’s Korean. And let’s just hope that the Playboy people like her, and if they don’t, that’s okay too. We’ll just turn the page and thank them for the opportunity.”

On the obligatory question about his Hall of Fame candidacy and being reinstated back in to baseball:

“Well I appreciate your support. But what it boils down to is one guy, and the one guy is Bud Selig. You know, I represent myself well when they take polls about me, and you have to understand one thing, I made some mistakes. I was very wrong when I made those mistakes, but I mean, I’ve been suspended 20 years. That’s a long time to be suspended for doing anything. So, you know, how do I feel? This is America, and I hope eventually – I don’t know when that will be; I hope it will be when I’m still around – I’ll be given a second chance. Because you know, the sad thing about my case, if I’d had been a drug guy, or an alcoholic, or I’d had been a spousal beater, I probably would have been reinstated 18, 19 years ago. But I just picked the wrong vice and that was gambling, and that’s because of 1919 and The Black Sox Scandal. And hey, I just sit here and hope Bud Selig eventually says give the guy a chance, he’s got some fans out there. And even today, man, I’m telling you, I’m baseball’s best ambassador and they don’t even want me around the game because possibly 17 days a month I’m talking to people about baseball, I’m positive about baseball, and I text players that are playing today – and I’m talking about good players, I’m not talking about average players. And they want my advice on this and that, and anything I can do to help baseball be a better game, hey, I’m for.”

On how good he thinks Alex Rodriguez is:

“The best player in baseball. And let me tell you guys, when he comes to Vegas we go to lunch, and the reason I like A-Rod is not because he makes $25 million a year, not because he hits 40 home runs a year. The guys is a baseball fan. He’ll go out to lunch with me and he’ll say how did Willie do it? How did Hank do it? How did Roberto do it? And then if he asks how did Babe Ruth do it, I’ll knock him on his ass because I didn’t play with Babe Ruth. He’s just such a fan of the game. If you watch him interviewed, he’s so humble and all he talks about is other teammates. And you got to love the guy who loves the game and makes all that money. A lot of the guys that are making money today they don’t bust their chops out there on the field.”

On his appearance in Bruno which you can see in the video clip below:

“Oh man, I guess that was a prank, but I did that about a year ago. If you watch that, you can tell that I’m irritated. Because this guy – Bruno I think his name was – and he was treating these guys worse than they treated the African-Americans on the plantations. And I was irritated – I’m sitting on this guy and I know he’s dying and I’m doing this interview and I’m rubbing this guy’s neck trying to make him feel good, and he keeps yelling ‘agua, agua’. And I said the guy wants a drink and he says I paid him good money, I’m not giving him a drink. So I’m done. And you know, I think it was a prank, but you know, then they brought the guy in with all the sushi on his naked body, and then the guy says it’s time for lunch. And I say, hey, first of all I don’t like sushi, and I don’t like sushi with hair in it.”

Listen here to Rose with Ken Hoffman and David Nuno on KGOW in Houston

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  2. does anyone still listen to AM radio that isn’t white , middle age and angry…

    By evilive on Nov 12, 2009

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