Steve Smith: “I guess you could say that the passing game isn’t up to par as it usually is.”

November 12, 2009 – 11:30 am by timgunter

Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers have gotten off to a rather tough start to the 2009 season. We are halfway through the NFL season and the Panthers have a record of 3-5 and Jake Delhomme looks like his days are done. The sad thing is about this situation is that the Panthers signed Delhomme to a five-year contract this past offseason and that was after a five interception performance in the 2008 playoffs. I don’t know who is to blame for that blunder but someone needs to rectify that situation. If I were a Panthers fan I would be mad as heck at the organization.

There are three things that you can count on with the Panthers offense. One, you can count on Steve Smith coming to each game prepared and ready for another 100-yard game. Two, you can count on DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to rush for a combined 150+ yards per game as their offense averages 153 ypg and ranks in the top 3 in the NFL., and last, you can count on Jake Delhomme throwing it to the other team at least once a game. Delhomme leads the NFL in interceptions thrown with thirteen. That bodes well for my Falcons team this Sunday as they head into Charlotte for what will be another instant classic in what has become one of the great rivalries in the NFL.

Steve Smith joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta to talk about DeAngelo Hall and whether he used to get inside his head, whether DeAngelo Hall has top-5 talent in the NFL or if he just runs his mouth, the start to the season being frustrating, and whether he is buying the New Orleans Saints and their receivers.

On DeAngelo Hall and whether he used to get inside his head:

“You know a guy like that sometimes I don’t think necessarily intend to get into a guy’s head.  In the process of the game things happen that allow guys to either do certain things or not do certain things.  He seems to be a guy that always seems to be around things, groups of people that generally become very argumentative or very physical so a guy like that I try to stay away from if possible.  It always seems that something kind of follows him.  That is just the nature of the beast.”

Whether DeAngelo Hall has top-5 talent in the NFL or if he just runs his mouth:

“I think it is really hard to judge that because of situations and the position he has been in so it is kind of bias.  Do I say he is a top-5 guy in this league?  Top-5 anything goes on stability and long term and I just don’t think how short he has been in the league that you can really consider him top-5.  Even the guys that are considered top-5, you look at the reasons why, is because time over time they make big plays and they have more upside then downside.  A guy like Champ Bailey is a top-5, I think he is 12 years in the league.  A guy that is in his third or fourth year I wouldn’t necessarily say you could call him a top-5 guy.”

On the start to the season being frustrating:

“I think probably some misfires but there is a lot things that are going on behind the scenes or lack thereof out in the open on Sunday that you wish you could have improve.  Every year a different element and a different monster kind of manifests itself whether it be special teams, passing game, running game, offense or defense.  Individually, speaking for the passing game, it isn’t doing as well as it has done in the past and the way it is going is very evident so I guess you could say that the passing game isn’t up to par as it usually is.”

On the part of the offense that needs to get better:

“It is kind of hard.  You want to say the passing game but you don’t want to take away from what is going well. But if you don’t address it at some point it is going to come back and haunt you and the passing game has came back and haunted us because sometimes we just go with what is working and not necessarily fix or attempt to fix to improve the passing game.”

Whether he is buying the New Orleans Saints and their receivers:

“You don’t really have to buy anything.  They are doing a great job.  Great receivers?  I wouldn’t go there.  I am just being…  Marques Colston is a good receiver but…Henderson, those guys got Drew Brees throwing to them.  You don’t really…You sneeze good and turn around Drew Brees is really just square in between their numbers.  I am not hatin’ but I think honestly I have watched those guys run routes and they don’t necessarily have to run the best routes because their quarterback is ridiculous.”

Whether he is going to be in Carolina in the years to come:

“My contract goes to 2012 but I also know that this is a business and it is not personal.  Whatever happens happens.  I am not saying that I don’t want to leave and I am not saying that I want to stay but it is really not up to me.  I don’t really call the shots to that extent.  I know I probably have six good years left in these short, squatty legs.  I will see wherever God wants me to play so I am going to go and my family is going to come with me and they are going to be happy.”

Steve Smith on with Pollack and Bell on 790 The Zone in Atlanta

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  1. 12 Responses to “Steve Smith: “I guess you could say that the passing game isn’t up to par as it usually is.””

  2. Steve Smith is a pathetic joke… what a classless loser… all Lance moore does is run GREAT routes… and what exactly does smith do? fly patterns? LOSER

    By Jeremy on Nov 12, 2009

  3. Jeremy you are a simple minded fuck. I’m not even a Panthers fan and Steve’s point makes perfect sense. Try watching a game once and a while prick.

    By JonBon on Nov 12, 2009

  4. jonbon you are as stupid as a carolina fan. lance moore is one of the best route runners in the league.

    By rick on Nov 12, 2009

  5. It sounds like ya boy Steve Smith wants to come down here to New Orleans and break some records with Brees we would take him for sho.

    By ken on Nov 12, 2009

  6. Relax guys. I’m a huge Saints fan, and Steve Smith is right. He’s not saying that they aren’t good receivers, just that they don’t have to always play lights-out because Brees is so accurate. Smith, on the other hand, runs arguably the best routes in the league and can’t get a good pass thrown his way.

    A good, accurate, smart QB makes good receivers look great and average receivers look good. We have some good ones in NO, but it’s hard to say how much of what they do is Brees.

    By Jiiri on Nov 12, 2009

  7. i think that they need a new QB. They were so stupid for signing him when like they had MIKE VICK here in charlotte to sign. Until they get another QB they will not ever the playoffs

    By jimmy allen on Nov 13, 2009

  8. I think also that if there is any way they can bench JAKE D. that they would be better off and that STEVE SMITH is a great receiver and that to make his year better then bench the STARTING QB and move on quick going on and on about letting him play. The bottom line is he either needs to shape up or move out.

    By jimmy allen on Nov 13, 2009

  9. Smith is nothing more than a disgruntled crybaby, who plays it off like he’s just being competitive. He’s jealous because he knows he he’s probably a better receiver than most of NO’s guys, but he’ll never have Brees. Another Joey Porter, D. Hall, Ocho, T.O, narcisistic prick.

    By Chad on Nov 13, 2009

  10. I think it’s hard to argue that Colston isn’t a great receiver. All you have to do is watch these catches he’s making, yes Brees is putting those balls where only Colston can catch them, but that is only because he knows Colston is one of the only players who could catch them where he is putting them. All in all, I feel lucky to have Brees and those receivers, great job to Payton and Loomis

    Geaux SAINTS !!!!

    By Vik on Nov 13, 2009

  11. Drew Brees does throw an accurate pass, but the receivers still have to catch it. Drew may put the ball only where his receiver has a chance, but the receivers still have to catch it. The Saints are complete TEAM, and I don’t Brees should get all the credit.

    Saints will be in the Super Bowl because they play as a team.

    By Junbug on Nov 13, 2009

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