Shane Battier: “Our motto this year is attack attack attack, push it push it, shoot threes and so far we have had success.”

November 13, 2009 – 9:30 am by Zach Krantz

Imagine losing your starting center who is a top 3 center in the league, then your superstar guard gets a bad injury and is not the same player he once was and starts the season on the sidelines as well, and then swapping a guy like Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza….could be a small nightmare, but not for Shane Battier. Shane has been a blue collar player since his days at Duke and I don’t think that is going to change any day now. All the above things happened to him in the last year. Say goodbye to Yao Ming for this season and Tracey McGrady might not ever be back to the high flying scoring machine we all once knew, but Battier and the Rockets are going to keep on trucking.

The Rockets are off to a fast start this season, 5-3 (The Rockets have won five of seven since a season-opening loss) , and are no longer the half court team they once were, they are now the run and gun, three point chucking new look Rockets, and its working so far.

Shane Battier joined the Jim Rome Show and talked about the Rockets start this season, the return of Tracey McGrady from micro fracture surgery, and the missing big man Yao Ming.

Asked about the new team he has minus Yao and Artest and still missing McGrady:

“We have a really really young team, we are the shortest team in the NBA by far, our center is 6’6.  What we do have in an amazingly quick team, we don’t have any big name players.  For us to be good we have to be the most together team and we have to change our style.  Our motto this year is attack attack attack, push it push it, shoot threes and so far we have had success.”

Asked about McGrady coming back from injury and where he is now:

“It will be interesting, it doesn’t look bad in practice, his timing is still a little bit off; he has missed eight months. And trying to hop into a NBA game is tough for anybody. He is getting conditioned and his legs under him, he will have to adjust to our style of play. He has been here for a couple of years and we played more of a half court game and we have a brand new style.  I think he will be able to jump back in and play with the rest of us.”

Asked what separates Kobe Bryant right now from Lebron James:

“I think at this point his game is a little more well rounded.  The thing I respect about Kobe, don’t get me wrong Lebron is very close to being up there and the progression of Lebron is pretty remarkable the last couple of years; what Kobe does is score 40 points and wants 50, when he scores 50 he wants 60.  Lebron is getting there but you just know when Kobe has that look in his eyes, you better bring or it’s going to be a long long night.”

Listen to Shane Battier on the Jim Rome Show

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