Maurice Jones-Drew: “To me the game matters most, I am a big fantasy guy but I definitely had to get that win for us.”

November 17, 2009 – 9:55 am by Zach Krantz

Anyone who plays fantasy football knows the #1 Pick this year was Adrian Peterson, the big question was who do you go with if you have #2? In some leagues it was the Burner, Michael Turner and in others it was Pocket Hercules, Maurice Jones-Drew, I guess it all depends on what your point system was. I had the #2 pick and went with Burner; I wish I would have picked Pocket Hercules because he is having one hell of a season. It’s amazing how in today’s world, fantasy football dominates the NFL landscape even with its own players in the league. We heard Redskin TE Chris Cooley talk about it a few years back and now after a extremely smart play by MJD on Sunday where he took a knee at the one yard line to set up the game winning field goal for his team, the main topic brought up was him apologizing post game to the fantasy owners who had MJD when he didn’t score the touchdown. WOW, fantasy football is really that big if you haven’t noticed.

MJD is having a great season for the Jags with 860 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns. The Jags struggled in the beginning part of the season  going 2-3 and losing a rough game to Seattle 41-0, and after the game MJD said the team was better than that and even a playoff team. Since then the Jags have went 3-1 and are right in the logjam with three other teams at 5-4 in the wildcard race.

Maurice Jones-Drew joined Fox Sports Radioto talk about the almost touchdown slide, the reaction from fans and coaches, and even chimes in on the Pats/Colts 4th and 2 decision by Bill Belichick.

Asked about the reaction from coaches and fantasy owners after the kneel down:

“Well from the players and the coaches it was great.  From some people I have already gotten calls saying they lost by a touchdown or something. (Myers: Well tough luck you needed to win the game”). To me the game matters most, I am a big fantasy guy but I definitely had to get that win for us.”

Asked if the slide and maybe losing that game could have costed Del Rio’s job:

“Hindsight is 20-20 after you look at everything but we felt like our defense was on the field for like a quarter before then.  We just wanted to go ahead and feel this victory; we know our defense was really tired; they played so well throughout the game giving us opportunities to capitalize. So we had one opportunity where we didn’t have to put them back on the field and that’s what we wanted to do and we trust our kicker.  It’s about a trust factor when you play this game, you just can’t go out there and say we are scared, you got to go out there knowing that you’re kicker, your punter is going to get the hold down for Josh and Josh is going to do a great job putting it through.”

Asked about his play compared to Belichick’s decision with two minutes left:

“It’s a 50-50, that’s what happens.  Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some, I think they had the same deal that had against Atlanta where they got the first down and were able to run the clock out, so I mean it happens.  That’s part of the game, you take that kind of chance and you wish for the best.”

Listen to Maurice Jones-Drew with Chris Myers and Steve Hartman on Fox Sports Radio

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