Andrew Dice Clay Still Wants You to Know He is the Best

November 20, 2009 – 10:15 am by Zach Krantz

When you think about the movie Ford Fairlane and the dirty nursery rhymes what come to mind first? Well of course, Dice, Andrew Dice Clay or you can call him by his government name, Andrew Silverstein. Andrew Dice Clay made a career out of being the most outrageous comic of his time. I remember growing up and listening to Dice and thinking I cant believe this guy is getting away with what he is saying, but holy BLEEP this is great stuff.  I mean how many times have you heard the Nursery Rhymes? Hickory Dickory Dock……I will stop there, but you know the end. Dice was one of the innovators, one of those guys that can never be copied, one of the originals. 

Dice has had some bumps in the road in his claim to fame.  After a live comedy appearance on the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards, he received a lifetime ban due to his “offensive” jokes and profane language. That was a huge hole to get out of for anyone trying to be mainstream in the 80′s and 90′s. MTV was king for the TV nation. The controversy continued the following year when Clay’s booking as the guest host on the final show of the season of “Saturday Night Live” caused cast member Nora Dunn to boycott the show in protest of his remarks about women. Dunn never returned to the cast, but Clay’s gig was pretty much up as well. He disappeared for several years, returning in the mid-1990s trying to become a TV sitcom star. He tried several times to get back into the TV and Movie world but it just never worked out. He crapped out (my try for humor, get it Dice and crapped out, never mind). He will always be known for his dirty nursery rhymes and his great stand up routine, but Dice will have a hard time getting back to where he was, if he ever can get there again.

Andrew Dice Clay joined KJR in Seattle talking about marriage, divorce, life ,and himself.  (Editor’s note:  How the mighty have fallen. He once played in Madison Square Garden.  Now he’s playing at the Swinomish Casino in Anacortes, WA.  I remember guys bringing the videotape of his appearance on Rodney Dangerfield’s Young Comedians Special on HBO to every high school party.)

Dice called in late and the conversation started about fighting with his significant other and that’s why he was late on the call:      

Dice:  I had to end the fight before I called you, you know how that is. Ian: No, I have only been married 16 years, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.  Dice:  Oh so you are numb? I went through exactly that, I cant believe you survived that, you should get a T-Shirt, I survived Marriage.                                                                                                                                   

Asked if after 16 years if he is now on to the next marriage:

“I am not married anymore, lets get that straight.  I have nothing against marriage if you need somebody to constantly mentally batter.  Because that’s how it winds up, either you’re doing it or she’s doing it. You know what i mean.”

Asked what he thinks of guys paying for ladies apartments for the extracurricular marriage fun time:

“How about they pay for their own apartment and  you just come over for the good stuff if you know what I mean.  If a chick really digs you, she would do it with you in a wooden shack.  That’s just how it is with these slobs today.  Years ago if you took out a girl and she would do something with you on a first date, you would turn around and I say I don’t want to go with her no more and I would look and you say “why”; because she did it with me on the first date. I would say, so whats the problem?

Asked what can people expect from his shows at this point in the career:

“I am not one to brag about myself , but I am just the greatest stand up in the world.  Every night is basically a different show.  It’s whatever I am feeling. Most comics come on and do everything A-Z, the same way every time. Of course there are certain bits I like to do for the crowd because it how they got to know me type of thing, like the mother goose stuff. But why they love the show and why they laugh that hard, its almost like a one man show , its a monologue, its whatever I am feeling that day.”

Listen to Andrew Dice Clay with Ian Furness on 950 KJR in Seattle

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