Matt Schaub’s nose is growing when he says : “Kris (Brown) is lights out and we know it and he is going to bounce back”

November 24, 2009 – 11:40 am by Chris Fedor

What a tough couple of weeks for the Houston Texans.  Two weeks ago the Texans were 5-3 on the season and had legitimate playoff hopes in the AFC.  They had one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL and Matt Schaub was in the MVP conversation.  Things were looking really, really good for the Texans to capture their first ever playoff spot in franchise history.  However, after back-to-back heartbreaking losses, Houston is now 5-5.  It’s tough to put the blame on Matt Schaub and tough to point the finger at the defense as well.  Schaub is still putting up Pro Bowl numbers, Andre Johnson is playing at an extremely high level and the Texans defense has done a pretty good job against some pretty good offenses as of late.  The issue with the Texans right now is their kicker, Kris Brown.  I’m never really one to point the blame at one particular player because I think football is the ultimate team game, but if not for Kris Brown missing clutch field goals late in games, the Texans could be sitting at 7-3 and in a very comfortable position to make it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.  There have been other plays that I’m sure Coach Kubiak and the entire Texans team would like to have back, but the bottom line is they have given their kicker a chance to win the game or send the game into overtime a couple of times and he has not delivered.  He missed a big field goal against the Colts and he missed two field goals in the game last night against the Titans which could’ve been the difference between Houston winning and losing that game. 

Now after dropping two straight heart-breaking games to conference opponents, the Texans have to regroup on a short week, get ready for their rematch with the Colts this Sunday and Kris Brown needs to get his act together and put the past misses behind him. 

Matt Schaub joined KILT in Houston to talk about the loss last night to the Titans, Kris Brown missing field goals and the short week to get ready for Indianapolis.

On the way the game ended last night:

“Yeah, not much sleep was to be had last night.  It was a lot of replaying the game, certain plays, certain situations and just reflecting on everything that took place last night.”

On the struggles of the running game:

“You know it has been.  We just have to keep working.  We can’t just totally abandon it, we still gotta use it and be a threat with it to keep teams honest and let them know that we are going to run it and also keeping our play action pass game being effective.  We still need that running game and to keep working on it in practice and all be on top of our assignments and what we need to get done.”

On blowing the game last night:

“Well it was a big game for us, a divisional game on Monday night.  Big stage for us and I don’t think we blew it.  I think that’s poor phrasing and I think that’s the wrong way to put it.  We let that one slip away.  We had every chance to win that game and probably should have won that game, very deserving.  We had a lot of guys, 45 guys in uniform who put a ton of work into that game preparing and really played their hearts out by laying everything on the line and playing for each other on every play.  I don’t think we blew it, I think we let it slip away, but one that we think we should win every time.”

On Kris Brown blaming himself after the game:

“That’s just the type of guy Kris is.  He puts a lot of pressure on himself and he works extremely hard.  I have no doubt he will bounce back and he will win us a game or two before it’s all said and done.  We have a ton of confidence in him so that being said, as an offense we could have avoided that whole situation by punching it in for seven points in a few other locations.  You know we had the ball inside that five in the third quarter, could have got seven points there.  There were plenty of other opportunities to put points on the board and avoid any type of last second field goal, but Kris is lights out and we know it and he is going to bounce back, no doubt.”

On the loss of Owen Daniels and how that has hurt the offense:

“It does to some extent.  OD has had some time at hand in this offense and being successful, he was having a tremendous year, he is a special player, so certain things in this offense are special for him in the routes that we do, but we have a ton of confidence in Joel (Dressen) and James (Casey), and they stepped up in a huge way.  There were a couple of throws that I threw that were in their vicinity that were incomplete that I need to make a better throw.  But we have other receivers that are stepping up, they have three catches, but I think that David Andersen had five or six, a few more than he might have with Owen in there.  So we are spreading it around, we have other guys who are trying to get in the mix.”

Listen to Matt Schaub on KILT in Houston with Marc and John

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  2. Everyone keeps talking abutthe offense, what about the defense,especially Duante Robinson. He can’t cover anybody. Schooled by a rookie wide receiver and please hang onto an interception. $10 mil for this. Please let him go.

    By david armour on Nov 25, 2009

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