Les Miles: “Nothing professionally could compare to this one”

November 25, 2009 – 10:20 am by Zach Krantz

Unluckily for Les Miles the season will not go the way he wanted.  LSU will not make a BCS bowl game and the last play of the game against Ole Miss might be the way the season is remembered.  One second might recap the season for Miles and that’s not good. Miles swallowed most of the blame for the meltdown of his sideline and his team in the final 64 seconds of the Tigers’ 25-23 loss to Ole Miss last Saturday. A Baton Rouge TV station ran footage Saturday night of Miles apparently signaling for quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball with one second left, then showed Miles moments later criticizing Jefferson for spiking it at the postgame news conference. That’s not good. There is a lot of competition and a lot of pressure to win in the SEC, there’s no doubt about it, but getting caught on video or just getting lost like Miles did at the end of the game is inexcusable for a coach at this level.

This is not a good thing for Miles with the fans of LSU and this might lead to the end of the road for him sooner rather than later. It sure doesn’t help that the former coach of LSU is leading his team to the SEC Championship, thanks again Nick Saban. Les Miles joined WWL 870 in New Orleans talk about the game, the team, and even took some calls from fans. That’s not always safe. (In the interview he sounds like he is speaking at a funeral)

Asked what things stood out in that game that need to be fixed:

“First off the head coach is not above criticism and fixing things and getting them right. From 1:32, the back end of the game, I need to manage that better. I told my team that the corrections will be made by me and I expect our team, each guy, will get this film and do the same.  You have to go forward. We play too quality of a schedule; this next team is a very talented team. You have to improve and go forward.”

Asked about the last drive and if the team thought they had a time out left:

“I am sure that they did. If you look up at the scoreboard, you would recognize that there was a timeout on the board. There was not. We used our third timeout with the last timeout called. I would have loved to call a timeout at that point. I knew that I was without one. I told Jordan frankly he did what we asked him to do, the clocking, we can’t do that. You can’t win it with that call.”

Asked if this was top of the list difficult wise for him:

“Nothing professionally could compare to this one.  This was a very difficult loss to take certainly when you point the finger at me, the head coach. There are some things personally; everybody in our lives needs to know how to handle things personally. It comes in all forms. Those days mark your life. If you handle adversity well, you will enjoy tough times.”

Listen to Les Miles with Bobby Hebert and Deke on WWL AM 870 in New Orleans

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