Mark Ingram: “When I first heard my name called, I wasn’t really that excited or happy. Then I saw my mom crying and it made me break down…”

December 14, 2009 – 1:25 pm by Michael Bean

Alabama running back Mark Ingram is your 2009 Heisman Trophy winner. In what turned out to be the closest vote ever for the award, the Crimson Tide sophomore edged out Stanford’s Toby Gerhart and Texas’ Colt McCoy to bring the hardware to Tuscaloosa for the first time in the storied university’s history. Ingram finished the season with 1,542 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns and will lead his team into the BCS Title Game in early January to face the Texas Longhorns.

Ingram joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about what exactly happens to the trophy after the ceremony, how he thinks his big game against Florida was the deciding factor in him winning, why he was so emotional after being named the winner, and how he got a chance to hang out with and talk to Colt McCoy – who he’ll be facing soon enough – during the Heisman festivities in New York.

On if Heisman Trophy winners take the hardware with them immediately upon leaving the ceremony:

“No, they keep it and tote it around for you for the weekend because you have like shows, and interviews and dinners to go to so they kind of tote it around for you.”

On if he would have preferred to be able to take it with him and show it off:

“No, that thing’s kind of heavy [laughing]. I wouldn’t want to tote it around everywhere.”

On if he was surprised by how emotional he was after winning the Heisman:

“Yeah actually I was. When I first heard my name called, I wasn’t really that excited or happy. Then I saw my mom crying and it made me break down, and I couldn’t pull it together for awhile, just because of everything we’ve been through as a family and just the opportunity I had to just win that award was real special to me and that I could do that for my family.”

On how important he thinks his big game against Florida was for him winning the award:

“I think it was huge, just the fact that I bounced back from that Auburn game. People had counted me out and that Colt had that big game versus A&M on Thanksgiving. I think people just kind of counted me out, but I think when I bounced back hard, I think I gained a lot of people’s respect and they thought I was deserving of the award. And I appreciate everyone who voted for me.”

On if he got to talk to Colt McCoy at the Heisman festivities:

“Yeah I talked to Colt. I was with all those guys in Orlando and then in New York. He got there a day late because he had to go get some other award. But I talked to him and he’s a real cool guy, real down to earth, and I’m glad I got to meet him. We exchanged numbers so we’ll keep in contact.”

Listen here to Ingram on The Dan Patrick Show

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