Todd Fligner Says that Tiger Woods has been on Steroids for many, many, many Years

December 16, 2009 – 11:19 am by Chris Fedor

Tiger’s fall from grace is continuing.  This is just mesmerizing to me.  The greatest athlete of the decade is all over the internet, his face is plastered on magazine covers, sponsors have cut ties with the world’s number one golfer and it seems like more and more girls are coming out and saying that they had relations with Tiger Woods.  It gets worse.   According to reports his wife is going to move out and take the kids.  You think it stops there?  It doesn’t.  Now Tiger is reportedly being linked to a Canadian doctor who is under investigation for performance enhancing drugs.  Dr. Anthony Galea, who treated Tiger Woods is scheduled to appear in a Canadian court tomorrow and faces four charges.  Now even though there is no evidence that Tiger has used HGH, the fact that this doctor treated Tiger has the rumors flying around again.


Well, apparently there was someone who saw this coming.  Todd Fligner who is a conspiracy theorist and has made many documentaries joined KGOW in Houston with Nuno and Hoffman last Friday and said it would come out that Tiger Woods has been using steroids before the news actually broke.

On what news he has:

“The breaking news today is that Tiger Woods has been using steroids for a very, very long time and the game is corrupted with gambling and steroids.  That’s the real deal here people.  Tiger Woods is no different than Barry Bonds and the rest of those people.”

On the PGA Tour being corrupt:

“Tiger Woods uses steroids, but not only that, we have transportation of a controlled substance across state lines.  This whole thing from a car accident is gonna take this man down.  He’s gonna end up like poor Joe Lewis did, broke and asking for money in Atlantic City.  I’ll tell ya that Tiger Woods along with most of the top golfers today are using ‘roids and if that’s okay, then so be it.”

On the testing in the game of golf:

“I’ll tell ya.  It’s just like Major League Baseball testing and NBA testing, they’re all rigged.  The testing is rigged.  Did you hear that David Stern?  Did you hear that David Stern?  Your testing is rigged.”

On his expectations for Tiger Woods and whether or not he thinks his career is over:

“He’s done.  It’s over because he is going to be tested now.  What did Barry Bonds do when they busted him on the ‘roids.  Where did his career go?  How did his career end up?  What about the guy right now, Manny Ramirez?  Did he prove he was not on steroids?”    

How good he thinks Tiger will be when and if he ever comes back:

“He’s going to be average because he started taking steroids many, many, many years ago and it made him what he is today.  I used to play caddy for Lou Elder, who was an African American golfer in the 1960’s and that guy could hit a ball. Mean Joe Greene could hit a guy and knock him out and they never took steroids.  Shame on Tiger Woods.  You’re a dope addict and guess what buddy?  When you come back and you’re off dope, let’s see how good you are.”

Listen to Todd Fligner on KGOW in Houston with Nuno and Hoffman here


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