Can Anyone Stop DeSean Jackson?

December 18, 2009 – 9:40 am by timgunter

DeSeanJackson is in his second year out of Cal and has taken the NFL by storm. Every time Jackson touches the football there is a chance that he is going to take it to the house. Jackson leads the league in yards per reception with close to nineteen yards per catch and also leads the league in average yards per punt return with nearly eighteen yards a touch. Nobody has ever led the NFL in both punt return average and yards per catch in the same season. So that kind of tells you what type of player he is. Jackson has ten touchdowns so far this season with seven receiving, two on punt returns, one rushing, and they have all gone for thirty five yards or more. That is one touchdown off of a forty-eight year old record set by Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, who had eleven in 1951. If the Eagles are to make it deep into the playoffs they are going to have to get on the slim back of DeSean Jackson and ride him. All aboard!

Desean Jackson joined ESPN Radio to talk about how the Eagles manage to play their best football in December, his transition from college to pro and what was difficult about it, what it is like to play with Donovan McNabb and what makes him so special,  and him honoring the season to his late father and what effect that has had on this season for him.

How do the Eagles manage to play their best football in December every year?

“I think the biggest thing is how we practice. We are able to get fresh during the week and not doing too many reps and Coach Reid does a good job at letting us be relaxed out there as long as we are putting in our work he does a good job at keeping us fresh so by the time gametime comes everybody is flying around. That definitely helps out a lot.”

What it is like to play with Donovan McNabb and what makes him so special?

“Donovan, you never know what you are going to get from Donovan. That is the good thing. He is always kind of on-point. He has always got a joke for you. It is just different things about Donovan. It is always good to be a young receiver in the NFL to have a quarterback who has a lot of experience and kind of help you through the ropes. The biggest thing he helped me with last year was coming in and taking care of my body and lifting extra weights to help you out during the year and just things like that. Don and I have a good relationship and like I said he is doing a great job so far this year and we just have to keep it going.”

What is more exciting to him: big touchdown catch or punt return?

“I am going to have to go with the punt returns because usually I like to keep it even. Say I like them both. The punt returns are starting to get very exciting. I just got to do what I can do to try to get some more of them to pump up my team and everybody else.”

Whether he has ever been tackled by the punter:

“Oh man I can’t recall. That is kind of one of my rules in my book. I can’t get tackled by the punter.”

On him honoring the season to his late father and what affect that has had on this season for him:

“I think it definitely speaks about everything about me. My Dad was a huge figure in my life and without him doing some of the things he has done I probably wouldn’t even be talking to you guys on the phone right now. He kind of always knew what he had in me and sometimes I probably thought that he was crazy because he pushed me too hard but it definitely paid off. It is just a blessing to be able to go to a situation like this. Even though he is still not here right now he is watching in another place. Any and everything I do is to make that man proud. I just got to keep making him proud.”

Desean Jackson joined Mike and Mike to discuss the Eagles

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