John Daly Has Finally Got His Head On Straight

December 21, 2009 – 9:55 am by timgunter

John Daly has been one of the most colorful personalities on the PGA Tour for quite some time. He has been known for his ability to drive the golf ball far distances but was best known for his party antics off the course. Daly’s excessive partying caused his golf game to plummet and his body weight to skyrocket. But then Daly did something nobody would ever have expected, He cleaned up. Daly decided to stop drinking and have lap-band surgery and he has lost over 100 lbs. That is amazing considering some people thought that he was on the brink of disaster with his life. During golf’s offseason, Daly has been keeping his weight down and defending his old pal, Tiger Woods. Daly has stated that golf needs Tiger back and that what has happened to Tiger is none of our damn business. It seems as though Daly has finally got his head on straight. Let’s just hope he keep this up because golf needs some John Daly too.

John Daly joined The Dan Patrick Showto talk about him playing golf at 298 lbs. vs. 182 lbs, whether he is hitting the ball the same distance or going further, what is the John Daly diet, and whether he has reached out to Tiger.

On playing golf at 298 lbs. vs. 182 lbs:

“Well I am still getting used to it. It is going to get better. Its funny when I played a couple of tournaments last year in Europe, Darren Clarke said: Dang Daly, I used to walk forty yards ahead of you now you are walking eighty yards ahead of me. A lot more energy Dan. A lot more. It is making life a lot easier.”

Whether he is hitting the ball the same distance or going further:

“About the same but I have more stamina and easier to get around the course which keeps you mentally tougher.”

Whether there are any negatives to weighing 182 after weighing 298:

“No not at all.”

What is the John Daly diet:

“I eat a lot of Clif Bars, a lot of Power Bars. The main thing with the lap-band surgery is that you can’t drink beer… If you do it right you can’t drink beer and you don’t eat bread. I can eat a little bit of chips and salsa but I just eat a lot of protein. I take Berryactircs (sp) is the greatest calcium pill that I have ever had and their vitamins are the best. When I get hungry whether it is two o’clock in the morning when I wake up to go to the bathroom or something, if I am hungry instead of eating a gallon of ice cream or drinking a gallon of milk or a whole thing of Oreo’s, I eat a Clif Bar or Power Bar.”

Whether he got a scare:

“No I was with some people at Bel Air Country Club, Dr. Lowry, probably the first week in February. I bent over a chair to bend over to tie my golf shoe and I raised back up and I said Doc I have got to have a moment here. I have got to breathe a little bit to tie the other shoe. He said: I got this. Let me introduce you to Dr. Tiffany Jessee and we are going to get this lap-band thing for you and I said that I am in.”

Are you still smoking heaters:

“I do smoke a lot of cigarettes yeah.”

Whether he can quit smoking now:

“Not right now. I don’t drink. I have got to take it one step at a time.”

Whether he has reached out to Tiger:

“I have let the media know that I am open arms and that I would love to talk to him but I don’t want to pressure him or push him. I am there for him if he needs anything. If he needs to talk or whatever but I am sure that his best asset right now is his mom. I think that she is the best advice that anyone could give would be her.”

On what went through his mind when the story first broke:

“I think a little shock you know because I never even dreamed that was going on or anything. It is to the point that it is really none of my business. I respect Tiger for his golf game and I always see Tiger as a thirteen year old kid when I played with him in Texarkana for the Big Eye Insurance Youth Classic. We were having a Hogan event there and I got to play with him and meet his mom and dad and he shot 72. I only beat him by three shots… He could have been on tour when he was fifteen. That is what I see Tiger. I see him as a little kid. He impressed the hell out of me back then just as much as he impresses me now.”

John Daly talks with Dan Patrick about his lifestyle change and his thoughts on Tiger Woods

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