Donovan McNabb On His Offensive Weapons: “The younger guys on the outside, they’re like my little toys.”

December 22, 2009 – 7:00 am by Michael Bean

Another week, another win for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Philly improved to 10-4 yesterday with a 27-13 road win over the San Francisco 49ers. It wasn’t the Eagles most impressive or pretty win of the season, but style points mean very little in this league. What’s important was that Philadelphia maintain their lead in the NFC East over the Dallas Cowboys, who of course got their ninth win of the year Saturday night by toppling the previously undefeated New Orleans Saints.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb continued his quietly outstanding season by throwing for 306 yards and passing and running for a TD. Late last week, #5 joined 97.5 the Fanatic in Philadelphia to talk about how he would assess his season individually, how fun it is playing with all the talented playmakers on Philly’s offense, and how he expects veteran ‘back Brian Westbrook to be back in the fold for a final push towards the playoffs and beyond for the Eagles.

On how he would rank his season in terms of the best in his career:

“You know what, I look at it as something that you focus in on at the end. We have a lot of talent on this team, but you can have a lot of talent and if you can’t play together, it can really look bad. And what I thought we tried to do as a unit was to form that chemistry early on. That was spending time in the offseason, that was in training camp, and hat was in the early part of the year. And what it does now is it provides confidence to guys at this particular time because everyone feels that they can make that play. And whatever play is called, we feel like we can score on it. And when you have that attitude – it’s not a cocky attitude, it’s a confident attitude knowing that no matter who gets that call, you feel confident that he’s going to do his job. It’s not just me, or what I’ve been doing, or my stats or anything of that nature. It’s all of us together. And I think when you pull out a piece of the puzzle, it makes things tougher, but I think everyone kind of adds that pressure on to themselves to play better and to make more plays.”

On if he enjoys playing with all of the talented youth on Philadelphia’s roster:

“Yeah, I am.  These guys are having a great time, I’m having a great time. They’re cracking jokes, I’m cracking jokes. Our offensive line is confident and playing well. The chemistry is there. So anytime the big fellows are happy, I’m happy. The younger guys on the outside, they’re like my little toys. There’s different things that you can play with at any time. I think for DeSean and Maclin, obviously being the younger guys in the group, they are fortunate to have guys like Reggie and Kevin and Jason – guys who have been through battles or guys who understand a little bit more of what’s at stake at this particular time of the season. And it takes pressure off of them and they can follow them.”

On the team not having veteran Brian Westbrook during this year’s run:

“Well it’s a tough situation because we’ve been through battles together. You talk about my 11 years and his 9 years I believe, at some point you feel like your body’s not the same. But, I think West will be back out there and it will be another added dimension to our game. Because we know what West brings to the table.  You know what I think it does, it adds another boost for McCoy, for Weaver. And now, teams focus so much on DeSean, you forget about underneath coverage. And then Westbrook kills you for 30 yards. So, for me as a quarterback, you look forward to that happening. And I look forward to that happening and I look forward to him getting out on the field. Because not only is he a great athlete and great player, he’s a great person as well. And one that’s taken on leading obviously McCoy and Weaver and making sure those guys understand what’s going on at all times.”

Listen here to Westbrook with Brian Seltzer on 97.5 the Fanatic in Philadelphia

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