DeAngelo Hall: “I don’t think we could have got a better guy then Mike Shanahan”

January 7, 2010 – 8:00 am by Zach Krantz

Change was needed. It was going to happen sooner than later in Washington and it was most definitely needed. In the 11 seasons that owner Daniel Snyder has owned this team; the Redskins have posted winning records just three times. That’s not going to cut it in Washington. Not for a rabid fanbase a franchise with rich tradition and coaches like Joe Gibbs and George Allen. Change was needed. The latest news out of Washington was big, something big enough to make a wave through the NFL, here comes Mike Shanahan. The new head coach and executive vice-president of the Redskins.

In the last month the Redskins have went from a team that has had Snyder and his guy in charge to hiring two established decision-makers firmly to take charge of this team and try to bring them back to glory. Since Snyder has owned the Redskins, they are 82-99, missing the playoffs in eight of 11 seasons. Shanahan comes into Washington with a great resume, only two losing seasons and two Super Bowl rings. The team yearned for a no nonsense leader with experience and they have gotten one in Shanahan. The next question is, Can they win now with a new coach or is there much more needed? They might lose their quarterback Jason Campbell to free agency in the off-season barring the CBA deal gets done, so there is a shot that the word rebuilding might come into place for this team. That’s seems funny after unloading the money that they did before this season (See Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall’s deals). Shanahan might be the answer but before we can tell on the football field if this was the move to make, the off-season is what makes the difference.

DeAngelo Hall joined 790 the Zone in Atlanta with 2 Live Stews and talked about the hiring of Mike Shanahan, how Jim Zorn was as the head coach of the Redskins, and what went wrong with Washington last season.

Asked what his thoughts on Jim Zorn were:

“You know what; he was a guy that wasn’t a very vocal person. His demeanor was very laid back. He wasn’t going to jump up or scream in your face. You know so it was kind of hard to get some of those guys who need that kind of motivation to get going. Ultimately we couldn’t get guys to fight and scrap like we needed them to with him as the head coach.”

Asked what went through his mind when he found out Mike Shanahan was taking over as Head Coach:

“Our organization gets a lot of grief just for going out and making moves off of emotion. I think this one was more so made off of guys just sitting down and really thinking and trying to figure out who is going to be the best person, the best man to lead this team. I don’t think we could have got a better guy then Mike Shanahan. He is a proven winner. He is a guy who is going to treat everyone the same, he is going to get so much out of his guys and that’s what I am so excited for. I am ready to step on the field today.”

Asked what he thinks the team needs to tweak to get better for next season:

We just need to put players in position to make plays. Not taking anything from the coaching staff that we had or the play caller we had, but you know I think we were more so trying to keep the wound covered as opposed to hitting people in the mouth and trying to take the fight to them. I mean we were successful doing it at some points, and at some points we were susceptible to big plays and giving up points. I think as a team, especially as a defense we need to make plays. We need to make plays so we can get off the field more and we need to try and get the ball back. As much as we did stopping guys, I don’t think we had nearly as many turnovers as many of the other teams in the league. Ultimately it’s going to be us getting the ball back to our offense and letting those guys go to work to put points on the board.”

Listen to DeAngelo Hall with the 2 Live Stews on WQXI in Atlanta

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