One of Tiger Woods’ Mistresses Is Cashing Her Grubby Hands In!

January 15, 2010 – 12:55 pm by timgunter

I never knew how much publicity one could receive for having an affair with the world’s top athlete. Jamie Grubbs, one of at least 12 alleged mistresses romantically-linked to the now-shamed Tiger Woods, is set to appear in the upcoming February edition of Maxim Magazine. By the looks of her in the photo shoot, I am still trying to figure out why Tiger would even touch that.

It all started on a girls’ trip to Las Vegas a few years back when she was at the same nightclub as Tiger and they were seated at the same table. She felt a tap on the shoulder and it was Tiger telling her that she didn’t look like she was having fun. Man I haven’t heard a pick-up line like that since high school! Apparently it didn’t work on Grubbs at first because she immediately got up and sat down at the other end of the table. But then it set in; she realized who he was and envisioned a life of luxury and the fame and fortune that would come as a result of having a relationship with Tiger. On the day she received the infamous voice mail from Tiger, her dream became a sudden reality. She then sold the voice mail, texts, and other mementos of her relationship with Tiger and got rich quick. One could only imagine that Playboy would be next in line for Ms. Grubbs.

Jamie Grubbs joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to talk about when she first met Tiger, how long it took for Tiger to score with her, and what went through her head when Tiger called and left the infamous message.

On the first get together she had with Tiger:

“Well just the first meeting with him in general was me and my girlfriends out in Vegas for a birthday. We ended up at the same club and at the same table and we just all started hanging out and talking and it just went from there.”

Whether she knew right away that it was Tiger Woods sitting next to them:

“I didn’t know when I sat down at that table that it was until he had tapped me on the shoulder and asked me something. I did the double-take. Is that who I think it is?”

Whether that was a bizarre moment meeting Tiger Woods in Las Vegas:

“It was. I was kind of like baffled. I literally got up and walked to the other side of the table and sat down. I didn’t even answer him. I was just like…”

On what the question Tiger asked her:

“He told me that I didn’t look like I was having fun because I was just kind of sitting there. I had just flown in and was a little bit jet-lagged.”

On Tiger contacting her directly and not through a third party:

“Yes, there was nobody in between. He was the very first person at that table to talk to me and his friends were there and they were all very nice. As far as my conversation, it was through him.”

Whether she is surprised at the level of backlash towards her:

“You know I am because this isn’t an ideal situation. Obviously but I am a 24 year old girl. I have never been in a serious, committed relationship like a marriage and he was. It kind of sucks and it hurts that so many people hate me or look at me as a horrible person but it was a mistake.”

On what happened the rest of that night:

“They had offered to give us a ride home in their limo because they were headed that same way and our hotel was kitty corner from where they were staying. They were like, if you need a ride you are welcome to come with us. So I said sure and as my girlfriends were getting out they kind of grabbed me and said that you are really cool and if you want to come hang out with us you can. So I just kind of went back with them and hung out. They tried to do the whole hot tub scene and I was like no offense but I am one girl with four guys.”

On how soon after meeting Tiger he contacted her and actually start hooking up with him:

“Well I mean we had… I spent three days in that hotel room without any physical connection except a kiss goodbye. He said let’s go to dinner when I come to San Diego and he literally flew to San Diego the next day and he called me and said, let’s go to dinner.”

On how long it took him to finally score with you:

“It took a few romantic-wooing dates.”

Whether she was monogamous with Tiger during their three year relationship:

“No, I was dating. If I did date somebody I had to tell him. I was very honest about things. Even in my texts I am sure they blasted him somewhere.”

On what went through her head when Tiger called and left the infamous message:

“I was a little pissed. He told me to change my voicemail but don’t call me saying like, hey this is the situation not I have never like mentioned or brought up or may have mentioned that could happen. (Host: You didn’t know that he was married?) I didn’t at first, no. It wasn’t until a while into it when I started to fall for him that I figured it out.”

Whether she changed the voice mail for him:

“I did. The second I got it, I was up snowboarding in the mountains, I had no service so I didn’t even see his phone call or I probably would have answered it. Then when i listened to it I was like, Oh no! So I changed it right away and then like two days later I realized that was stupid and why was I doing this so I changed it back.”

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  2. This story about tiger woods is dumb this is lady
    who is looking for her 15 minutes of fame knowing that he has money.she might have maxim
    Magazine so what and tiger is stupid for dealing with a gold digger’s and leaving his number on this 12 women just went is cash.And his wife was dumb a enough to put up with this garage he told
    her and now his kid has to live for the rest of there life.

    By James Bennett on Feb 19, 2010

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