Despite the Playoff Loss, the Packers Are Going To Be Good For Years to Come

January 18, 2010 – 9:10 am by timgunter

Ryan Grant has emerged as one of the most productive running backs in the NFL over the last two seasons. Grant was virtually an unknown coming out of Notre Dame as he went undrafted and then signed by the New York Giants. Grant played on the Giants practice squad during the ’05 season, however, he missed the entire ’06 season after a non-football related injury threatened his career. He was then traded to the Packers just before the ’07 season and took over for as the full-time running back during week 8 and he hasn’t looked back since.

Grant turned in another solid 2009 campaign as he was 7thin the league in rushing yards. Of all of the starting running backs in the NFL, Grant was the only RB to have started all 16 regular season games and not fumble the ball. With Aaron Rodgers only throwing seven INT’sthis season, it comes as no surprise that the Packers led the NFL with +24 turnover margin. The Packers have a young nucleus and will definitely be one of the teams to beat in the NFC for the next few seasons. If they can improve their defense  and offensive line in the off-season, they should avenge their first round loss and make some noise next year in the playoffs.

Ryan Grant joined WFAN in New York to talk about whether playing against the Vikings and Brett Favre meant a lot to the team, whether he was upset to hear that Favre disobeyed his coach and tried to run up the score, and Aaron Rodgers being a great quarterback.

Whether playing against the Vikings and Brett Favre meant a lot to the team:

“Maybe not from an individual sense as big but we knew they were big with all of the hype and hoopla around the game we knew it was going to be that type of game and we were going to be competing against them for the division. We knew it was about as big as you could get from that place and even on Sunday night and Monday night games. We expected big time games and that is what they were.”

Whether he was upset to hear that Favre disobeyed his coach and tried to run up the score:

“No not at all. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I think from a competitive standpoint, Brett is about as competitive as you can get and I understand that the business aspect of him playing for another team. I don’t have a problem with that at all. When I got the opportunity to play with him he was a great teammate… He plays for another team so I would expect him to want to beat the other team as bad as possible.”

On Aaron Rodgers being a great quarterback:

“He has done a phenomenal job. What he brings to the table from a leadership stance, of course the intangibles as a quarterback is what you want. He has played at such a high level for us even when things weren’t going right. People are going to look at early in the season when all of the sacks were going on, the numbers that he was putting up were still phenomenal. He has done that and has been very consistent. He is smart with the ball and make that big-time throw but at the same time he has ball security. He doesn’t really throw too many interceptions and really always puts your team in the best position to win. We like the type of guys and the talent around him and we make plays.”

On why he chose to go to Notre Dame:

“Very similar to the high school. I felt like opportunity-wise they were going to put me in the best position. (Host: Did you like your stay?) It was an experience. I had ups and downs at Notre Dame but I definitely appreciate what they did for me. I went through three different coaches and one coach in 24 hours… I learned a lot about myself and how to be a man. It taught me a lot about myself… Bob Davie recruited me… I had O’Leary for about 24 hours and then I had Ty [Willingham] for my last three years. Like I said, it was definitely an experience and I built some of the best relationships. I met some great folks and proud that I went there absolutely and proud that I got a chance to work withthose guys and even with the wins and losses. At the end of the day it prepared me to be where I am at today. I can’t complain at all.”

Ryan Grant in studio with Mike Francesa of WFAN in NY

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