Isaac Bruce Hasn’t Put His Jersey Away Just Yet

January 19, 2010 – 7:45 am by Zach Krantz

I think when it’s all said and done for Isaac Bruce, he will be best known for his role on the “Greatest Show on Turf” offense for St. Louis in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was one of the playmakers for a team that played in two Super Bowls in three seasons winning one of them. Bruce as of today has the second-most receiving yards (15,208) in NFL history and holds the fifthspot on the list of most receptions in NFL history with1,024. Think back to the Rams offense with him, Warner, Holt, and Faulk, one word deadly. You couldn’t double team all of them and that offense was just flat amazing. Bruce who is now 37 years old and was beaten out by a bunch of youngsters in San Francisco could be calling it quits. 

This would be the end of a great career and a guy who said once he retires he wanted to be a reverend or a substitute teacher. He is not the guy I would look forward to seeing in 10th grade English if Mrs. Calloway called in sick. He might actually catch the paper ball I throw at the chalk board. In a classy gesture if he is to hang it up, Josh Morgan his teammate actually let Bruce suit up in the season finale against his former team the Rams. This is not something you hear about every day in sports, an act of kindness to an older guy who is about done. This is a great story and a great guy, and if he is calling it a day, the NFL has lost a great ambassador. But as we all know by now, until the guy actually retires he isn’t done yet. Unless you are Brett Favre then nothing you say matters in the after the season ends and before training camp.

Isaac Bruce joined ESPN 101 in St. Louis with the Fast Lane(with former teammate DeMarco Farr) and talked about his time in St. Louis, the first playoff game played in St. Louis, and if he might have played his last game in the NFL.

Asked if he remembers the years in St. Louis before all the winning:

“I do remember those days. I remember one day in particular when we had flown out to Northern California and we got our heads beat in. On the way back to St. Louis on that long flight, I remember you (Demarco Farr) coming up to where I was sitting trying to get an explanation of what’s wrong with us. It was really hard for me to say and it was hard for you to say. We were trying to find some kind of understanding why we couldn’t take that next step or why we couldn’t get to that next level. It was some real challenging days and I think it helped us to be the players that we became. That’s my assessment.

Asked about the notion that the team never quit and it was the same guys who came from LA and the thought was that they could be Super Bowl champions:

“I agree with that statement because just considering the dog days at Marysville, where it was 110 degrees and we were practicing in a ditch. We were preparing for a season and the years going by we were still getting beat. We were practicing hard but still getting beat. I think we lacked confidence in what we were trying to do. That always upset us.”

Asked if he has given any more thought to retiring:

“You know what, we are thinking about it. I am currently sitting around here with Isabella (daughter) and she is fighting her sleep. I am enjoying being a dad right now. I will be having a statement put out on my future as far as football plans in the next few days or so. (Isabella starts crying and squirming loud in the background) (Farr: She is really fighting it, maybe she has a hamstring) No hamstrings, but I am telling you she will run the best four route, guarantee you that one.”

Listen to Isaac Bruce on ESPN 101 in STL with the Fast Lane

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