Richard Seymour: “This year football was fun again for me. It really was.”

January 19, 2010 – 6:30 am by Zach Krantz

Richard Seymour was one of those guys you thought would be on one team for his career, wouldn’t leave as a free agent and most definitely not get traded. Seymour was drafted by the Patriots in 2001 and spent eight seasons as a Patriot before he was traded to Oakland right before the start of the 2009 season for a first-round pick in 2011. He is currently a free agent after a season with the Raiders and for reasons not known to me he isn’t killing or bashing the team. He actually thinks there is a shot for him to re-sign there. Seymour didn’t force a trade out of New England; in fact it was a shock to him and the Patriots faithful. He took a few days to report, but when it’s all said and done, he was ecstatic to be there. He was happy to be somewhere were he was wanted. New England wasn’t that place anymore.

The Raiders went 5-11 but Seymour had fun this year. Most guys who go to Oakland get paid big and then leave hating the place. Not Seymour. This is a guy who went from the New England Dynasty to the Oakland nightmare and has survived it. Not only survived but wants to go back. This seems like a bad dream. Al Davis, Tom Cable and Richard Seymour, one big happy family? Could this really be happening?

Richard Seymour joined WEEI in Boston on Dale & Holley to talk about his time in New England and what’s gone wrong there lately, his time in Oakland, and what his thoughts are on free agency.

Asked to set the record straight on his status with New England prior to being traded to Oakland, the rumor was he was close to a new deal and this came as a blindside to him and the fans:

“We were not working on a contract; I knew it was just small talk. It was nothing like ‘hey you know come up and sign this extension’. That definitely was false information. It was just one of those things were I was blindsided by the whole fact as well, so I guess me and you sit in the same boat.”

Asked how he coped with the blindside after being with the team for so long:

“It was definitely a shocker, I was definitely caught off guard by the trade, but that was then. At this point I have had time to come to grips with it and definitely that chapter is closed for me at this point. You know throughout the year my teammates out in Oakland and the coaching staff really made the transition a lot easier for me. It was never easy because you know a situation like that takes six months to really get situated and really get your family squared away, and get comfortable in your new environment, etc. I had to make that transition in six days. It was definitely an adjustment period for me, but like I said my teammates and the coaching staff really made the transition easy for me. They were ecstatic to have me. So from that standpoint it was pretty cool, but it was always a strain on me personally because I am a family man and I enjoy being with my family and my kids. To not have that and we kind of had to patchwork and kind of make it work on the fly was definitely an adjustment period. You live and you learn and I am a better man for it at this point now.”

Asked if Oakland has talked to him about a new contract and if he is afraid of the franchise tag:

“I am in a unique situation where obviously I played out my contact and I have done my time there. I talked with Mr. Davis before I left and he said he would be getting in touch with my agent to try and work a deal out. How that works out, you know it’s the business; it’s always give and take on both sides as far as contract negotiations. I would like to re-sign out in Oakland because I think when you can become a foundation piece and help turn an organization around, I mean that’s a challenge to me. That’s something where I am willing to take on that responsibility and that challenge. You know help being part of the beginning with some good guys that really can make a difference. I mean I really enjoy putting on that silver and black. As a player , you know a lot of the guys I have talked to in the league say ‘oh man the uniforms and the mystique of the Raiders’, you know just being a nasty hard hitting team. As a defender that’s something that I really enjoy. Will it happen, I don’t know? I really don’t know, but if they came up to me with a deal and said hey this is what we are trying to do and you will be a foundation piece, I don’t have a problem signing back with Oakland.”

Asked if he would consider a return to the Patriots:

“No I think that chapter is closed. Like I said I had a great time there, I learned a lot and made a lot of friends, won championships and played at the highest level. That chapter is closed for me and I got new challenges in my life at this point. I am looking forward to taking care of that. It isn’t a knock on the Patriots; obviously the ways things ended I am really not trying to go back there to be honest with you. You know like I said I think Oakland is a place that if financially things work out and we could come to some type of agreement where I can continue my career there then that’s going to be something that you always want to go where you are wanted.” 

Listen to Richard Seymour on WEEI in Boston with Dale & Holley

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