Pierre Garcon had maybe the best and worst week of his life

January 26, 2010 – 9:15 am by Zach Krantz

You want to talk about an emotional couple of weeks, wait until you hear this story. Imagine if your home country and your family are involved in one of the worst natural disasters of all time and the country is ravaged. That’s part one. In your business side of life you are about to enter the biggest stretch of games of your young life, the chance to play and be involved in huge games on your way to a Super Bowl, something that happens to a small percentage of NFL players and there he is. So there you go, Pierre Garcon’s family was in Haiti during the massive earthquake and his Colts were deep in the playoffs with a goal of making the Super Bowl. All this while trying to help his home country try and rebuild and help as much as possible. This was a tough stretch of weeks for Garcon.

He has been a big contributor to this Colts offense this season. If you would have told me Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne were going to combine for seven catches and 90 yards with a score, I would have asked how bad did the Colts lose? Instead a guy named Austin Collie and another named Pierre Garcon totaled 18 catches for 274 yards and two touchdowns. That’s what I call utilizing everything you got Peyton Manning. All this and it will come down to the two best teams all year long in the NFL in the Super Bowl, the Colts and Saints. Two teams that at one point I thought could be playing in Miami with 19-0 on the plate. That’s not the case now with these teams, but it’s the first time since 1993 that both #1 seeds will be squaring off for the illustrious Vince Lombardi Trophy in Pierre Garcons neck of the woods in South Florida.

Pierre Garcon joins The Big O on WQAM in Miami to talk about the devastation in Haiti and the relief efforts going on around the world, also his play in the AFC championship game, and getting to the Super Bowl.

Asked if what’s going on in Haiti in putting a damper on what’s going on in his personal life as well:

“Yeah you know it’s kind of sad to have this tragedy going on. Making the Super Bowl kind of eases the pain a little bit. It kind of helps the pain go away a little bit, but it’s tough to get away from it.”

Asked what Peyton Manning does to make his transition on the offense a little easier:

“Oh man, you know Peyton is the ultimate legend. He is communicating with us, telling us what to look out for and what to do. How to set guys up, how to watch the blitzes, and to watch everything. You know he is making our job easier and when we catch the ball and break tackles, we make his job easier. It’s a win win situation.”

Asked about the 49 yard touchdown he had down here in Miami as the game winner earlier in the season:

“Yeah you know it could have been different if the Dolphins would have picked me, you know I was ready to go there too.”

Listen to Pierre Garcon with the Big O on WQAM in Miami

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