The Colts Are Down in Miami Again for the Super Bowl

January 26, 2010 – 10:30 am by timgunter

Peyton Manning and the Colts offense were too much for the Jets on Sunday. There had been talk all last week about how physical and fast the Jets defense was but after Peyton came back and scored just before the first half, I knew this game was all but over. It wasn’t the usual suspects of Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark that had big games. It was their young wide receivers, rookie Austin Collie and second year pro Pierre Garcon that were virtually unstoppable.

The Colts are heading back to the Super Bowl for their second appearance in four years and should bring home the hardware once again. After watching the Saints play on Sunday, I believe that Peyton Manning and the Colts offense will have a huge mismatch against a Saints defense that has been giving up a lot of yards during each game in the playoffs. The Colts defense has been the biggest improvement from last season and are no longer the liability they once were. They are an undersized, quick, athletic bunch that don’t get the credit but come Super Bowl time, I believe they will.

Gary Brackett joined 1070 The Fan in Indy to talk about whether this season feels any different from the 2006 season, whether the team used all the talk during the week as motivation against the Jets, and what advice he has for his teammates that haven’t been to a Super Bowl.

Whether this season feels any different from the 2006 season:

“I think it does. I think there is nothing like the first time. Obviously getting over that hurdle and beating New England That was such an emotional AFC Championship game. I think that was an all-time high. This game, we knew we would take care of business and this game we knew exactly where we would be.”

Whether the team used all the talk during the week as motivation against the Jets:

“It was motivation enough to play in the game to go to the Super Bowl. We really didn’t need anything. It is kind of ironic how the ground and pound game and their big, physical back is the only person that got injured during the game. That is kind of ironic that the undersized Colts put out one of their big guys. I think the credit goes to our defensive line for really being physical and I think all eleven guys really ran to the football and that is what really sealed the deal for us.”

On what Larry Coyer has meant to his world:

“Man he is exciting. I think his approach during gameday, he is constantly changing things. You have got to love that about a coach. Out there is definitely a chess match and have the ability and the mind of Coach Coyer’s and not afraid to do different things. Maybe something that we didn’t practice all week you know we will just dial something up at halftime and he will call it and we will execute it. He has a lot of belief in his players and we go out there and execute his gameplan and it is a pretty thing to watch.”

What advice he has for his teammates that haven’t been to a Super Bowl yet:

“I think you tell them to enjoy it. Don’t take everything for granted. You don’t have to take every media request. You don’t have to do everything. Take care of everything at the beginning of the week as early as you can as far as the family getting everything situated and then just focus back on football. This is a business trip for us. The hoopla is for all of the fans and our family but we are going down there as a business trip. We have one goal in mind and that is winning the championship.”

Gary Brackett on 1070 the Fan in Indy with Kravitz and Eddie

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