Matt Stover: “As an athlete you want the ball. If you don’t want the ball don’t go play”

January 27, 2010 – 10:00 am by Zach Krantz

He will be the oldest man to ever play in the Super Bowl when the teams line up in South Florida for the Super Bowl. He is a guy also that has been to the big game and has won it. Before the season though, he wasn’t even sure about coming back into the NFL and now he is the kicker for the AFC champion Colts. He is Old Man Rivers, I mean Matt Stover. He is also in a weird position; he is one of two kickers on the Colts roster, the other being the most clutch kicker in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri. Stover ended up signing with the Colts in October, when Adam Vinatieri had arthroscopic knee surgery. Vinatieri figured to be ready for the postseason (and he is), but Colts coach Jim Caldwell has went with Stover for the second straight week, even though Vinatieri is available. I mean Vinatieri is the man when it comes to clutch kicks in the post season. But you sometimes have to go with the hot hand, in this case hot foot and Caldwell has done that staying with Stover.

This postseason we have seen some kickers kill the momentum for their team and their seasons were ended because of that. Stover doesn’t want to be that guy. He is old and wise when it comes to post-season kicks and is ready if his number is called. He has had extensive playoff experience with the Browns and Ravens in his long career. A lot of pressure will be put on him if it does come down to a last second field goal try for a win or tie. Especially when a guy like Vinatieri is in the background and is a hall of fame kicker.

Matt Stover joined 105.7 the Fan in Baltimore with Mark Viviano and talked about the AFC Championship game, having Adam Vinatieri on the team with him, and playing in the Super Bowl.

Asked about Peyton Manning and how he is different than any other player he has ever been around:

“I compare him to Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis of defense is Peyton Manning of the offense. Ray knows how to turn a team around, he leads the team. He creates an environment that brings everybody’s level around him to something, I mean you can t see it. It’s like seeing the four star general going into all the troops and all of a sudden it just changes the whole attitude of the team. I have seen Ray do that and also I have seen Peyton Manning do it. His work ethic is tremendous; he is a student of the game. It’s like having an offensive coordinator there leading your offense. When you have that that to me is an unbelievable situation for any team to have. That’s why I believe we were able to do what we did to the Ravens and the Jets because he can adjust right there on the field. During the halftime, because as a kicker I don’t meet with anybody, I am sitting there listening to Peyton and its pretty cool to see him do those things at halftime.”

Asked if he is dreaming of how the Super Bowl goes, does he want to be there to kick the game winning field goal:

“As an athlete you want the ball. If you don’t want the ball don’t go play. That’s always been my motto. As long as we win I don’t care how we do it. If they call my number to go out there and kick the game winner, then I see that as another opportunity to give god all the glory man. I am not trying to be a holy guy here but just to say that’s what it’s all about to me; if it’s my calling then I will be ready to do it.”

Listen to Matt Stover on 105.7 the Fan in Baltimore with Mark Viviano

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