The New York Giants Expect Perry Fewell To Bring A Fresh Energy To Their Defense: “I’m an emotional kind of guy. I might chest bump a player, I might slap a player on the butt. I get hyped. That’s me, that’s my personality.”

January 29, 2010 – 5:00 am by Michael Bean

Sure, former interim Buffalo Bills head coach may have gotten somewhat of a bum deal from Bills owner Ralph Wilson.  As far as you or I could tell, Fewell had the Bills playing competitively and passionately while leading the once-proud franchise to a 3-4 conclusion to its 2009 season. But whatever, it’s probably better that Fewell was let go. Hell, Wilson and the Bills top brass ultimately though Chan Gailey was the right guy to bring the Bills back to glory. Good luck with that guys.It didn’t take long for Fewell to land back on his feet. And he did so with one of the best run and most storied franchises in football – the New York Giants.

Fewell was named defensive coordinator by Tom Coughlin and joined WFAN in New York wit Mike Francesa to talk about the honor and privilege of being the maestro of the typically nasty Giants defense, what he learned during his time as a head coach, how excited he is to have such a talented defensive line with which to build his defense around, how safety Kenny Phillips will bring a new dimension to the Giants defense if he’s able to return at full strength and remain healthy next year, and on just how special he thinks it is to be a part of the NFC East.

On what he learned from his stint as the interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills this past season:

“You know, a lot of head coaches get to manage. You have to do a lot of communicating with your staff, be it the training staff, personnel staff, management staff, equipment staff. And you don’t often have the opportunity to coach a whole lot. I was fortunate enough to manage as well as coach, and I had a ball doing it. It was a lot of fun.”

On what he’s going to bring to the position philosophically and emotionally:

“Well I believe philosophically in the mental preparation of our football team. And I want to be fundamentally sound. I want to be a physical defense, and I want to be a disciplined defense. I believe you play with team defense and play with unity. I like to be multiple in what I do, and aggressive and attacking what I do. I’m an excited kind of guy. I guess I’m an emotional kind of guy. I might chest bump a player, I might slap a player on the butt. I get hyped. That’s me, that’s my personality. And I enjoy the game of football. I loved playing. I love coaching the game of football. I love seeing players play the game of football. So I look for a high-energy defense.”

On if he’s a ‘get to the quarterback at all costs’ kind of coordinator and if he plans to use his talented pass rushing defensive linemen in an aggressive manner:

“That’s the objective. Those guys Mike (Francesa) get paid a lot of money and so the more potent we can make that guy the better off we are as a defense.”

On if he’s excited about his quartet of talented defensive linemen:

“Oh no doubt about it. It’s been fun watching some of our guys get to the quarterback and some of the athleticism that they posses, and some of the drive and desire that they possess. So that’s fun to watch. Hopefully we can do a lot more of that in the near future.”

On if he and the rest of the coaching staff have talked about what safety Kenny Phillips can bring to the table if he’s able to come back at full strength from the injury that kept him out of his rookie season:

“Oh yes. We’ve talked a lot about Kenny in the meetings we’ve had at this point in time. I feel very fortunate that if he can get back and get back healthy, that we can do some things, and he can do somethings for us to help enhance not only our play as a defense, but cause more turnovers. He’s the type of player I understand that can get more turnovers. And so anytime you can get turnovers, and get off the field, and give your team a momentum lift, that’s always good.”

After discussing being excited about being part of the intense rivalries and competitive nature of the NFC East, Lewell talked about the partisan nature and passionate fan bases in the division:

“I didn’t mean to leave out the fans, but the fans are always so intense too. That’s the best of the best.”

On if he thinks it’s going to take quite some time to restore the Giants defense to prominence or if he thinks it can be a quick fix of sorts:

“Well I’m not sure how to answer that because really it depends on the attitude that the players bring back. It depends on our work ethic, what goals we set for our self, what we want to accomplish and if we get together and play as a team and try to accomplish these things together, then it’s no telling how quickly we can get to where we want to get to.”

Listen here to Fewell with Mike Francesca on WFAN in New York

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