Sam Bradford’s Shoulder Rehab is Ahead of Schedule

February 4, 2010 – 7:30 am by timgunter

Sam Bradford is arguably the best quarterback in the upcoming draft. He has all the tools and intangibles necessary to have success in the NFL but first he has to prove to teams that his shoulder is healthy. After Dr. James Andrews performed surgery on his throwing shoulder nearly three months ago, Bradford has been rehabilitating and has recently started a throwing regimen to regain the strength he has lost since the injury. It is ironic that Dr. Andrews is the Redskins team doctor because that is who most everyone thinks will choose him in the upcoming draft. The Rams have the number one overall pick this year but they will likely use that pick on Nebraska DT Ndamakong Suh. As Adam Schefter once tweeted: Bradford might slip in draft — but not past Redskins. I totally agree.

Sam Bradford joined the Dan Patrick Show to talk about his health, his throwing program and why he should be the first quarterback taken in the NFL draft.

On his health:

“Really good. They put me on a throwing program. I throw three days a week. The doctors came he watched me throw last week. He said it looks great. He said it should be 100% the third day.”

Whether the injury is reoccurring:

“No it should not be. They went in and reconstructed the ac joint and from everything that I have heard after the rehab is finished that it should be stronger than it was before it got hurt.”

Whether he knew what happened immediately when he was sacked on the play he was injured in:

“I didn’t know exactly what happened but I knew something was wrong. I remember when our trainers came out and asked me what was wrong. I had never been hurt like that before. I thought it was a dislocation. I just told them that my shoulder is out. Something is wrong. I mean it did not feel good.”

On his throwing program:

“…My last throwing session started at fifty balls at thirty yards. Those were on a rope. Those feel good.”

Whether he has looked at real estate anywhere and if pays attention to the mock drafts:

“I am not checking out real estate. It is one of those things that I try not to pay attention to it… I don’t think anybody ever who has made a mock draft has ever sat in the war room and made a pick on draft day. I don’t know how accurate that it. I am just focused on my shoulder and getting that back to healthy as possible.”

On him playing on the same AAU basketball team as Blake Griffin and what the difference is between them besides size:

“Blake is a tremendous basketball player. It was pretty fun just playing with him. He loves to dunk and I saw probably more highlights than Sportscenter would ever see playing in AAU with him.”

Comparing himself to Tebow and McCoy and what they do better than him:

“I think we all have our different playing styles. I think everyone is different. Something my dad taught me a long time ago that you never compete with anyone else, you always compete with yourself. That is really what I teried to do in my three and a half years, four years at Oklahoma. I always tried to get better every day and I felt like if I got better it was a good day.”


Dan Patrick then had Sam answer questions like he was in an interview with a NFL team…


Why he should be the first quarterback taken in the draft:

“I think I am extremely accurate. I think I am extremely competitive. I don’t think you are going to meet anyone that works harder than I am.”

Whether he would start right away:

“I want to earn the position. If I have the opportunity to compete for a starting job…”

Sam Bradford joined Dan Patrick to talk about his health and the upcoming draft

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