Shane Mosley a “Has-Been”?

February 10, 2010 – 5:15 am by Lance Zimmerman

When Floyd Mayweather Jr. beats Shane Mosley on May 1st at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Larry Merchant is sure to ask Floyd why he didn’t fight Mosley three years prior, and that if he thinks a win over a 38 year old welterweight coming off a layoff stretching almost a year and a half is really something to brag about.

Crossing Manny Pacquiao off of the list left Floyd with very few options if he was going to cash a ten-figure paycheck in the first half of 2010. Kermit Cintron, Paulie Malignaggi and possibly even Ricky Fatton, err Hatton, were all discussed as possible matches for Floyd. In agreeing to terms with Shane Mosley, Floyd is taking the biggest risk currently out there for him. Mosley is coming off a destruction of Antonio Margarito in early 2009, and is easily the best true welterweight out there next to Floyd.

Regardless of Mosley’s age, he’s bigger, stronger and has had more experience in the 147 pound division than that of King Pacquiao. The pay per view numbers will speak for themselves, but I would imagine that Mosley vs. Mayweather does close to a million buys over Pacquiao vs. Clottey on U.S. soil.

Shane Mosley joined Scott and BR on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to hype the biggest fight scheduled thus far for 2010.

Mosley was asked about the whole drug testing aspect that Floyd has insisted upon:

“I don’t mind any kind of drug testing. Lets let everybody feel comfortable when they get into the ring, so there wont be any excuses.”

His thoughts on the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight falling apart:

“I kind of figured that they would fight. I was kind of pushing to fight both guys and nothing was materializing. It was like I was shunned out of the whole equation. I guess when Mayweather and Pacquiao couldn’t come to terms with the testing and all of the other stuff, hey, I’m willing, I’ve been willing to fight. I’ve been saying it since day one.”

Mosley was asked about his age and how it factors into the fight:

“Floyd’s 32, 32 or 33. He’s getting older too. I think age is not a number. Bernard Hopkins is 40-something, I’m not going to put his age out there, but he’s 40-something. He’s still doing what he has to do, very well. Roy Jones is 40-something as well. Me, I love the sport. I’ll never truly ago away from the sport all together.”

On if he’s ready for all the pre fight hype and the 24/7 video crews:

“It’s great. They get to see my side and what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been training, the things I do with the family and the kids and how my team gets along with each other. Everything, it’s going to be fun!”

Listen to the audio here

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  1. 22 Responses to “Shane Mosley a “Has-Been”?”

  2. Just wondering why Oscar will not sign the waiver if he have nothing to hide. What could he have been using?

    By ENTRADERO on Feb 10, 2010

  3. dont say “when”, its more like “if” floyd beats mosley. shane has a better chances beating floyd than floyd beating shane. you cant consider floyd the winner especialy he is fighting smaller men on the past. unlike shane, he faces tougher challengers. we’ll see how floyd adjust to a bigger and stronger fighter with speed and experience. i hope shane doesnt choke and show his real age.

    By pedro on Feb 10, 2010

  4. Mayweather will win by points. Pot shotting Mosley 1-2 at a time then move away. Floyd’s fast hand will hit Mosley but not hurt him. He will dodge Mosley’s punches by moving side to side and counterpunch. This is going to be the scenario for the whole 12 rounds. Yey very exciting……..NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By irish boy on Feb 10, 2010

  5. shane will not only beat floyd gayweather but he will destroy him.
    remember this comment and you will have it.
    shane is a fighter and we love a fighter and not a chicken-hearted boxer.
    a fighter who is humble is exalted and the exalted one is humbled by the supreme CREATOR.

    By ahmad pj on Feb 10, 2010

  6. Kentucky Floyd Chicken will get KTFO. Mosley via 9th round TKO.

    By Hakeem Abdul-Jabbalz on Feb 10, 2010

  7. Shane’s no has-been. How are you considered the #1 genuine welterweight and be a has-been? Get your head out of your ass Lance.

    And Entradero, I’m a Pacquiao fan, but SHUT UP ABOUT OSCAR. That had NOTHING to do with this article. People like you make it hard for Pacquiao fans to have a legitimate say in boxing conversation.

    By Cabreezy on Feb 10, 2010

  8. Mosley is overrated today. He is past his prime and he only got a good rating because he beat a cheater who got caught. The fight with Margarito is a fluke. Take away Margaritos power and what do you have? A lumbering target who has a good chin … Mosley beat a willing target by the Hopkins boring style of excessive hugging and smothering. Floyd will beat Mosley. Oh, that fight will not happen btw. I got an email from a reliable source inside GBP that Floyd is going to injure his hands with a needle … PED user

    By hollowfields on Feb 10, 2010

  9. As much as I find Mayweather extremely annoying, I still believe he will easily beat Mosley on points. Why? Cotto is the answer. Mosley looked pretty slow against Cotto and he was tagged all night. Compared to Cotto, Mayweather is faster and can box better. He may not have the same power but he can definitely beat Mosley to the punch all night. Mosley will look as pathetic as the Coyote chasing that annoying Roadrunner.

    By Beastie Boy on Feb 10, 2010

  10. Mr. Lance Zimmerman, please don’t use the word “When”. It must be “If or Should” Your opening sentence sounds more of a conclusion. This fight is scripted anyway.

    By henry on Feb 10, 2010

  11. mosley is fighting mayweather, the situation is that mayweather has edge in age, 32 vs 38. both americans so crowd could be split choice, what could be the possibilities? mayweather could delay the event or he will think things for his advantage, as he did in marquez vs mayweather. he could increase in weight limit or he would ask for delay due to training injuries. or he will think of new tactics that he never done. will see what will be the scenario before fight night.

    By commentator on Feb 10, 2010

  12. i think mosley is a better fighter than floyd gayweather… i agreed with some of the comments where floyd battled smaller guys than him just like the marquez vs mayweather ohh damn BORING… i watched his videos from the past and its not very exciting too. while shane mosley’s fights are awesome…and it makes me say wow! and on may 1st 2010, boxing history will be reveal that the true welterweight is none other sugar shane mosley… goodluck shane!!

    By cris-shmc on Feb 10, 2010

  13. Mosley have never ducked or refuse Mayweather
    the last 10 years. There is no history
    of Mayweather asking Mosley to fight him
    during the early years. It is another
    Mayweather publicity to confused readers
    about the story. There is no truth Mayweather
    ask or challenge Mosley during his early
    years in boxing.

    By ron on Feb 10, 2010

  14. well i believe it when i heard the first bell,scenarios rib injury,wrist injury or brain injury fight wont happen….

    By skeptic on Feb 10, 2010

  15. Mosley knocks out this bitch in 10 rounds

    By Billabong on Feb 10, 2010

  16. mosley-paquiao next…
    floyd? next step is…retirement for good.

    By rodney the beast on Feb 10, 2010

  17. i believed..mosley will beat fraud mayweather and mosley will fight manny for the big fight and the winner will be stand as pound for pound champion of all time. fraud mayweather and his father and uncle roger will hide and they’ll say…i’ll be back soon.LOL

    By rodney the beast on Feb 10, 2010


    By tootskie on Feb 10, 2010

  19. Until the last sound bell in round 12 sounds, I am very skeptic about this fight ever happening… And if it will in fact happen, I believe it’ll be a close fight! I dont understand why people regarded Mayweather as fast, in both hands and feet, at 147. I would have agreed if the fight is made several years back when both of them were in the lower class, 130. The kind of Mayweather who showed up to smoother Gatti and Corrales, that’s the fast and furious Mayweather. But the kind of Mayweather which showed up to fight Dela Hoya and Hatton, nahh! that’s the kind of Mayweather which just pot his shots thru. Though, whatever kind of Mayweather shows up on May, should the fight happen nwei, there’s only one thing that will make it difficult for Mosley to deafeat him…Defense! Mayweather isn’t as fast as sweat pea but he (mayweather) is just good at the kind of defence that he shows every time he fights.. As tough of a fight this might become, I still hope that Mosley beats the craps out of him.

    By Kickbox 07 on Feb 10, 2010

  20. To Kickbox 07:

    I hate Floyd Mayweather but you are dead wrong about him being slower now than he was as a lightweight. If what you are saying is true, why was he tagging Marquez all night with his lightning jabs. Forget the size and power factor. We are talking only about speed–Floyd schooled Marquez all night which his speed. Marquez couldn’t connect effectively at all because Floyd was way faster than him. This by the way was the same Marquez that almost beat Pacquiao in March 2008.

    Mosely on the other hand is fast and he can easily beat brawlers who bring the fight to him like Margarito and Mayorga. But against exceptional boxers like V. Forrest, Wright, anc Cotto, he couldn’t beat them. Floyd is a better boxer than these 3. There is no chance in hell that Mosley will be able to catch Floyd. He will look just as bad as Baldomir did when he fought Floyd for the WBC welterweight title.

    I hate Floyd but unfortunately Mosley has no chance in hell to win. If he is able to land a good punch and cuts Floyd’s ‘pretty’ face, that will be good enough for me.

    By Beastie Boy on Feb 10, 2010

  21. To Beastie Boy:

    I thought that the reason why Mayweather outboxed Marquez was because of his sheer accuracy and Height advantage. PBF was an inch or two (not sure though) a little over that Marquez that as soon as Marquez maneuver his way to land a hand on PBF, the former immediately notices it and thus effeciently countering Marquez’s attack well! I have to admit that, like Pac, PBF is gifted with accuracy. The way he pot his shot thru and the way he exploit an opening is exceptional, but i guess i have to go back to the school of thought that, PBF hasn’t fought effeceintly aggressive fighters like Mosley. Yeah, Mosley was defeated by Cotto, and I guess that same fact will help Mosley see / foresee what kind of game PBF will play on May 1. The kind of Cotto who showed when he outboxed Mosley was a different kind, altogether different from PBF. Cotto was continously moving, even circling Mosley while jabbing. At this weight, PBF does not move that way. I don’t discount pbf’s speed at all, what i was saying is that he’s not as fast as he used to be.. Unlike before, PBF speed at this weight has been just “reactive”, by this i mean that as soon as he sees that his opponent is making his way towards him, he (PBF) reacts instantly and pot a shot at him. But then again, Marquez at 144 lbs was way down Mosley’s leauge. In the PBF-Marquez encounter, the latter was forced to play a role that he is accustomed playing, that is to attack. Add to that the fact that the version of Marquez that showed in that fight is bloated one, and is not as effective as that version which Pacquiao fought twice.

    By Kickbox 07 on Feb 11, 2010

  22. “Regardless of Mosley’s age, he’s bigger, stronger and has had more experience in the 147 pound division than that of King Pacquiao.”

    This is a crap statement. Chachai Sasakul had more experience in the Flyweight Division, Lelohonolo Ledwaba had more experience in the Bantamweight Division, Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Eric Morales had more experience at featherweight/Superfeatherweight Division, David Diaz had more experience in the lightweight Division, Ricky Hatton had more experience at Jr. Welterweight Division,Oscar dela Hoya and Miguel Cotto had more experience at Welterweight Division and what happened? They were all blown to smithereens by a fighter who had no or very little experience when he climbed those Divisions, And that fighter is Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao. So the premise of the author is dead wrong. Having experience in a particular division is no guarantee for a win. Manny Pacquiao proved that time and time again. The author is an ignoramous. Incidentally Manny Pacquiao is ranked at the top of list in Ring Magazine in both Jr. Welterweight and Welterweight Divisions. Don’t tell me the author is more credible than the Ring. Mosley and Mayweather are ranked behind PacMan.The author could do well to see that his piece will not be blown to smithereens, writing without thinking.

    By leelunatic on Feb 11, 2010

  23. for floyd;
    may(1)weather u like it or not,
    ur such a looossssseerrrr men….
    ……..but u have 2 option floyd
    first, cry second, run and go to your mom…..

    By astig on Feb 11, 2010

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