Baron Davis is Still Happy in LA

February 16, 2010 – 8:45 am by Zach Krantz

Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Clippers were downright awful last season, there were fairly lofty expectations for the Clips at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season. The Clippers used the #1 overall pick on Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin, and almost everybody thought the bruising big man was NBA-ready and capable of giving the Clips an immediate upgrade in the post. It didn’t quite work out that way for Griffin and the Clips – he missed the entire season after sustaining a freak injury to his knee. Still, it was assumed point guard Baron Davis would be much better in year two of his contract than he was last year when he looked a bit out of shape and often disinterested. Davis thought Elton Brand would be his running mate when he signed in LA last year. That didn’t help his attitude any, and of course, Davis had a rocky relationship with Coach Mike Dunleavy from the get-go.

Davis and the Clips have been better this year, but they’re nevertheless still currently 10 games out of the 8th seed. How long until Davis wants out of Clipper Land? He is a dynamic player that just hasn’t gotten onto a team that is consistently good. But then you have to step outside the box for a second and ask could it be Baron Davis that is the problem? Lots of good players have never won anything in their careers. Ask Barkley and Ewing about that.

Baron Davis joined Isaac & Big Suke on KFXX in Portland and talked about the season so far with the Clippers, All Star weekend, and his new Li-Ning Baron Davis Boom shoes coming out.

On how important it is to get to the NBA Finals and win a championship now that he is 30 years old:

“Absolutely, that’s always been on my mind since I was a kid. You know a couple times being close getting into the playoffs thinking you have an opportunity to win, that’s the most important thing that you play for. For me it would be very, very sweet to have one of those rings.”

On when the last time he didn’t have the kick ass beard going:

“I want to say maybe three years ago. (Host: I was really disappointed you trimmed the beard, you had a real Ricky Williams type thing going) I will grow it back; I am definitely growing it back.”

On what he thought about players playing around the world like Brandon Jennings did and the chances of a major start playing overseas:

“I definitely think it is possible. Basketball is expanding and the love for basketball. The fan base is expanding and I think that for someone like Brandon Jennings it worked out well. You will see a lot more younger guys doing that and you will probably start seeing guys like Josh Childress being the first guy to really come out of free agency and really sign with a European team. I wouldn’t underestimate any of the main superstar’s kind of jumping ship to kind of experiment brand as well as just get a whole different culture of basketball and a different feel because basketball is definitely expanding, you look at the Olympics and how competitive it is. Basketball is at an all time high right now.”

On if the international game has surpassed the American game in general:

“Nah, nah, nah, not at all it’s still our game. It’s still our game baby. (Host: You got a lot of pride in that) A lot of pride, you don’t even have to think about that.”

Listen to Baron Davis with Issac & Big Suke on KFXX in Portland

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