Chip Kelly Goes On The Defensive

February 24, 2010 – 10:32 am by Michael Bean

Every so often here on Sports Radio Interviews, we stumble across interviews that are flat-out outstanding to listen to. I suppose I should qualify ‘outstanding’. Most of the time, radio interviews are very uncontentious. It’s usually a host either just asking the obvious questions, with the interviewee answering in fairly uncontroversial fashion. Sometimes though there’s an interview featuring tough, unrelenting questions followed by quick, combative retorts. That was exactly the case when Oregon Ducks football coach Chip Kelly joined the air on 95.5 The Game in Portland.

A bit of back story though first, in case you’ve tuned out the goings on of the college football world this past month and a half. Since the Oregon Ducks represented the PAC 10 in this year’s Rose Bowl, the program has been mired by player behavior problems. There have been DUIs, expletive laced rants on Facebook, and even an arrest for theft. Through it all, there’s been the perception that Kelly hasn’t policed his program in an entirely equitable and stern enough fashion. You can read more about the incidents here, but for now, take a listen to Kelly and John Canzano of 95.5 The Game in Portland duke it out on the air about the turmoil surrounding the Ducks program.

On if he’s sending a different message to the team than it appears he’s sending to the public:

“I don’t know what the public gets. I don’t speak for the public, but I speak for this team. And I think our players understand that if they cross the line and they make a mistake, they’re going to be punished. So I don’t know, and I guess my question to you is, what part does that not make sense. I suspended a running back – a star running back – for 8 games when the NCAA said 1. I’ve kicked three kids off the team now because they failed to comply with team rules. So what part of that does not make sense? Or what part of that do you think our players think that they’re allowed to get away with that?”

On the perception that there’s no consistency to the way he’s disciplining his players:

“When a player gets in trouble, I meet with them and they tell me what went on or what didn’t go on. So I act upon what they tell me went on and didn’t go on. In certain situations, I can’t comment on specific situations, if I haven’t rendered a decision, that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. It means I’m waiting to get all the facts. And in the United States of America, it would be prudent to get all the facts first. If I’m going to punish a player…I had a player last season get arrested, two days later there’s no charges and they said he never should have been arrested. So tell me where the justice is there?”

Kelly was then pressed about how it appears that he’s not running a tight ship with consistent standards concerning disciplining players:

“When this whole thing shakes itself out, when the final truth comes out, put me on the air again. And then you apologize.”

Kelly interrupts when asked about different punishments based on how important the player is to the program’s success:

“John, before you go any further, do me a favor and get your facts straight before you start making accusations. If a player is let go from this football player, it’s because I don’t get into the specifics. But if you think for one player is gone just because he said one thing on Facebook, that’s not the case.”

Kelly then continues on the attack:

“Whoa, whoa. Let’s start again. I asked you a question. I asked you if you think the players in this program are going out and getting in trouble because I didn’t suspend LeMichael James?”

On why not at least send a message by suspending James while he collects all the facts:

“Okay, okay. But my point to you is what am I suspending him from?”

He then reiterates that such a move would be sending a message:

“That’s a valid point on your part, but if you think are players are doing something wrong post-LeMichael James because he hasn’t been suspended yet, then I think you’re just making an excuse. If Player A goes out after everything that’s happened here and gets in trouble, then he’s going to get punished. And our players know that, and our players have been punished, and they will continue to be punished when they cross the line.”

Listen here to Kelly on the Bald Faced Truth on 95.5 The Game in Portland

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  1. 14 Responses to “Chip Kelly Goes On The Defensive”

  2. Your headline should have been, “Chip Kelly goes on the Offensive”. Unfortunately for J.C., the Coach manhandled the host. When pressed by the coach for proof of facts, Conzano was stymied. If I had just stumbled onto the interview I would have felt sorry for J.C. On the several occassions that the Host interrupted his guest, Coach Kelly made him sound silly.

    As a professional, J.C. should never have allowed the Coach to have the last word… In this case it went something like…” well if your father would have grounded you for two weeks without all of the facts, then I guess John that he didn’t have very much faith in you”.

    J.C. thinks this type of opinion attack is going to be his ticket to the big time. Sorry… Coach Kelly made him look like a bad tempered little boy.

    By rob on Feb 24, 2010

  3. John Canzano. Enough said. He is a hater.

    By DanO on Feb 24, 2010

  4. Umm…get your facts straight. There has been absolutely NO ARREST for theft of any sort…despite what your post suggests. Allegations-weak ones at that-are all that have been uncovered at this stage of the investigation.

    Arrests for other incidents? Yup, you bet…but not for the alleged theft by Masoli and Embry. Embry was released from the team before the incident ever took place and all the public evidence and speculation at this point suggest that Masoli wasn’t even close to being involved.

    By TimC on Feb 24, 2010

  5. What the “F” kind of headline is this? Chip on the Defensive, my rump. More like Chip takes Canzan-ass to the woodshed! Typical now you radio-media types circling the wagons and sticking up for each other. Canzan-ass is just developing his “formula” to drive up the clicks and # of ears on is weak radio show. Typical “if it bleeds, it leads” I drop of blood in the water in Eugene and Canzan-ass is all over it. All you media hacks want it clean and simple so you can feed it to your audience through a message crafted at a 5th grader. Oregonian laid off a slew of staff today. How in the HELL is Canzan-ass not part of it.

    By PtownDuck on Feb 24, 2010

  6. Furthering the obvious opinion that I share with other intelligent duck fans…Canzano is an idiot, plain and simple! There has not ever been one thing said, or point he has ever attempted to make that is worthy of any journalistic credibility. He is a nuisance to this states love of Duck sports and the Oregonian should be ashamed for hiring him. He is like a child who can not get the right shapes in the right shaped holes in the shape box…lack of common sense! AND BRAINS!

    By oregonlove78 on Feb 24, 2010

  7. you had all better look at the difference between normal arrests and domestic violence arrests and when charges are filed.
    domestic arrests do not have to have anything but an accusation.
    lamichael has not had his chance yet!!!!!

    By Don Collicott on Feb 24, 2010

  8. I guess the Duck coach can do no wrong. James assaults someone and doesn’t get suspended? What the hell. Oregon is a bunch of thugs and it is about time the program and all the annoying fans go back to obscurity. Your time in the limelight has expired. Time to cram those lame flags up your arses and go home!!!

    By MIke on Feb 25, 2010

  9. There haven’t been DUIIs. There has been one DUII. There haven’t been facebook posts. There was a facebook post. No arrest for theft. Wow. Bias news at it’s finest. Leave them alone.

    By Devpn on Feb 25, 2010

  10. I am so frustrated…

    I moved to Fresno and had to read JC’s crap day in and day out…finally the good news, he is leaving Fresno!!! Only to go to Oregon and cover the Ducks…Unbelieveable stroke of bad luck and coincidence…He takes the role of playing devil’s advocate and instead pushes absurd opinions strictly to promote conflict. That is not journalism. His argument holds no water and He Knows It!

    By Ryan on Feb 26, 2010

  11. As a life long Ducks fan I am excited at the media coverage these incidents have gotten. It means that we have arrived! Not even 10 years ago these same kind of incidents would have be on page 10 in Portland, and not even mentioned nationally! Nothing says you’ve arrived like having national websites and TV programs blow things out of proportion. Chip Kelly has shown tough discipline, with a touch of compassion. As for James, if Kelly had used the strategy that Canzano supports, then Masoli would also have been suspended, when nothing happened.
    Ask the Duke Lacrosse players what they think of discipline before the facts are all out. They were also charged and arrested by an overzealous DA, lost their season, their scholarships, and much more. Because people acted before they had all the facts.
    I will guarantee right now, if Kelly gets the facts, and James is in fact guilty of domestic violence, he will be off the team and out of the school.

    By Cindy on Feb 28, 2010

  12. J.C. is such a complete tool leave the state of oregon.

    By kevin on Mar 4, 2010

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