John Daly Doesn’t Think Tiger Should Be Suspended But Says He (Daly) Would Get Suspended for Picking His Nose

February 26, 2010 – 10:00 am by Chris Fedor

For a long time, John Daly has been one of the most colorful personalities on the PGA Tour and now he wears some outfits that match that personality. It has been a roller coaster ride for John Daly throughout his life on and off the course. On the course John Daly has always been known for his ability to drive the ball off the tee as far as anybody on course and his propensity for taking risks that very few on tour would take. However, off the course he has had weight issues and some issues with alcohol. However, Daly is continuing his transformation on and off the course.

Physically he looks better than ever. Thanks to lap band surgery and better eating and drinking habits, Daly has lost over 100 pounds and he can actually walk all 18 holes without looking like he just got done running a marathon. He’s even become an underwear model! Unfortunately for him, just because he looks better physically doesn’t mean his golf game is in good shape. He has made just one cut in four tries this year and hasn’t had a top 25 finish since 2007.

John Daly joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about how he felt about Tiger Woods apology, whether or not he ever had alcohol in his bag on the PGA Tour, whether or not he still drinks alcohol, and how much the weight loss is helping him.

On whether or not alcohol helped him with his golf game:

“No. I wouldn’t say it helped, but you know how sometimes you’re at a pool hall and you get that buzz going and you think you can make every ball on the pool table? That’s how it was. I felt like I could make every putt. It was amazing. You get that buzz going and you think you can make everything. That’s why I’m not making anything because I’m not drinking anymore. No I’m just kidding.”

On whether or not he ever had alcohol in his bag:

“No. Not on tour. (Host: What do you mean?) I did in a few of the old state golf tournaments. State Opens and stuff, but I’ve never had any on the PGA Tour. (Host: What was it whiskey?) Sometimes. (Host: Did you do it because it gave you that buzz?) No I think because it was so slow out there I just wanted something else to do (laughing).”

On how he felt about Tiger’s apology:

“I’m kinda like everybody else, it was about time. I think where they really messed up was not coming out a little earlier and getting it out and getting it over with. I think he’d be playing golf by now.”

On what it would mean if Tiger misses the Masters:

“It would signify that he is not ready to play basically because I think the thing is for him is that he’s got two options and they’re really not up to him right now. They’re up to Elin. If Elin stays with him, which it seems like she might be doing, that’s gonna be the toughest major Tiger has to face is to keep her and the kids and I hope he succeeds. I hope they do stay together. Apparently they are because I honestly feel that if they’re not, he would be playing already. That to me makes me feel good that they’re gonna work it out.”

On whether or not Tiger should be suspended:

“I don’t think he’s really done anything to the PGA Tour. It’s personal. (Host: But you got suspended for stuff you did off the course.) I know. I get suspended for picking my nose or something. When you’re the number player on Tour and in the world, I don’t think there’s anything that justifies him being suspended. He hasn’t broken any laws, he hasn’t hurt anybody, he hasn’t killed anybody, and so he hasn’t done anything except to himself. I always felt the same way about me. There’s a lot of times that I really didn’t feel like I should be suspended or fined, but it goes to say what is unbecoming of a professional. Is it on the golf course only? I think (PGA Tour Commissioner) Tim (Finchem) made that pretty clear when he said that there’s no disciplinary action against him. Like I said he’s the number one player in the world so I don’t think he should be fined or suspended.”

On his weight loss:

“No. I just think it’s giving me more stamina to be able to concentrate on 18 holes not just 14. When I was overweight I could barely walk 18 holes and you lose focus and not able to play the best I could play. The weight is actually helping. I don’t have anywhere to put my arms anymore when I putt. (Host: Didn’t you have a belly putter without it being a belly putter?) (Laughing) Yeah I did. Actually my belly hung so low that I could actually put the end of the grip on the belly and putt with my belly. I didn’t even have to use my hands.”

On whether he is a better singer or golfer right now:

“I’m just a better lover. (Host: Was that ever in doubt?) I don’t have a belly blocker now so it helps.”

Listen to John Daly on The Dan Patrick Show here

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  2. It was great to hear from a positive thinking John Daly. There are a large group of fans pulling for him. Keep it up John.

    By Hartley Lord on Feb 27, 2010

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