Derrick Rose Thinks There’s “a really good chance” That One of the Top Free Agents Lands in Chicago this Summer

March 1, 2010 – 10:35 am by Chris Fedor

When Derrick Rose was selected 1st overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 2008 NBA Draft, there were a lot of expectations placed on him.  When you’re the first overall pick, it usually comes with territory.  However, it’s pretty safe to say, he has more than lived up to those expectations.  In his first season, Rose was named the NBA’s Rookie of the Year and helped lead his team to the playoffs.  This year, he has elevated his play even more.  Rose was named to his first ever All-Star team in just his second NBA season and his stellar play has the Bulls in position for a playoff spot once again in the Eastern Conference.  On top of the success that they are having on the court, the Bulls are also in a great position financially to land one of the big-name free agents this summer.  Adding a player the caliber of Joe Johnson, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James or Chris Bosh to team with the emerging star, Derrick Rose, could make Chicago very dangerous for the foreseeable future.

Derrick Rose joined ESPN Radio in Chicago with Waddle and Silvy to talk about his play this season, whether or not he is comfortable with Vinny Del Negro as the Head Coach, what he still needs to work on, and which of the three big-name free agents he would want to play with in Chicago.

Have you become a different player as you mature and get older?

“Oh definitely.  When I’m out there I want it no matter what type of situation it is.  I gotta be the one to make the right decision for the team.”

Some would say as much as you trust your teammates, you need to demand the ball, do you believe that?

“Yeah some situations yeah, but my teammates usually in almost every game they’re always passing me the ball towards the end so I’m not worried about that.  If we keep playing the way we’ve been playing we won’t have to worry about the last decision like that or the last shots like that because we’ve been playing pretty well.”

What do you still need to work on?

“Everything.  Still becoming a leader, becoming more vocal, just feel way more comfortable.  I feel super comfortable now but getting more comfortable.  People say the game slows down for you, but in my eyes the game didn’t slow down with me yet.   Jump shot is getting more consistent and hopefully next year I’ll be shooting way more threes.”

Are you comfortable with your coach and have you adjusted to him and do you like playing for Vinny (Del Negro)?

“Oh yeah I’ve adjusted.  I think everybody’s adjusted to him that’s why he’s still here.   He’s been doing a good job with us; the coaches have been doing a good job with us.   He usually just let’s me go out there and play, letting me live through my mistakes.  No matter what, he always tells me I’m doing a good job and always showing me video and film and I don’t have anything to complain about.”

Do you want him back next year as your coach?

“Definitely, if he comes back I’ll be happy.  If not, it’s not really up to me.  It’s up to the front office.”

Everybody wants to know A. if you recruited any of the free agents while you were down at the All-Star game and B. what are the chances that one of the top three guys come here next year, either Wade, LeBron or Bosh?

“No I couldn’t go after them like that.  I told them Chicago is a great place, if they wanna come we’ll be more than happy to take them.  It’s huge if one of them comes here.  One of the three, either Lebron, Wade or Bosh, one of them comes here.”

Do you believe that you have a real chance to get one of them?

“Definitely, we definitely have a real good chance to get them.  Chicago marketing is unbelievable and I don’t see any one of the three passing Chicago up if they can come here.”

If you could choose a superstar, would that guy be playing the center position or would that guy be playing the shooting guard position?

“Man, I’ll take any one.  Just give me a player.”

Listen to Derrick Rose on ESPN Chicago here

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