John Daly In Trouble for Defending Himself

March 17, 2010 – 10:50 am by timgunter

John Daly has been in the news a lot lately defending himself for what happened with a columnist from the Florida-Times Union.  Daly was angry at Garry Smits for making his 500-page PGA Tour file public so he decided to post Smits’ cell phone number on his personal Twitter page and ask his fans to flood his line with phone calls.  Smits is part of the Golf Writers Association of America and that got them all up in arms and now they are calling for Daly to be suspended for the vindictive nature of his actions.  In my opinion, Daly didn’t do anything wrong.  Columnists usually post their email address along with their phone number at the bottom of each article they write.  So why was Daly out of hand for retaliating?

Daly has been attempting to get his personal life in order so that he can compete full-time on the PGA Tour and I think he is doing a pretty good job.  He no longer drinks, he has lost over one hundred and ten pounds since his lap-band surgery, and he has actually been practicing at improving his golf game.  He no longer spends more time drinking than he does practicing.  So getting this bad publicity, I guess, kind of ticked him off at how people still live in the past.  Daly remains one of the game’s most popular players and he should be able to defend himself like any person would want to do.

John Daly joined WDAE in Tampa to talk about his battle with the Florida-Times Union, what the parameters for the story that was written about him in the Florida-Times Union and whether it was about golf, and his thoughts on how the PGA Tour is handling the Tiger story.

On his battle with the Florida-Times Union:

“It was just bad taste for the timing of it and when they put it out.  You know I think I have got the players on my side on this one.  I have talked to about ten of them down there in Puerto Rico and they said they would have given his cell number to everybody too because it was wrong for what he did.”

What the parameters for the story that was written about him in the Florida-Times Union and whether it was about golf:

“No it was just living in the past.  That is what the media wants to do.  They want to live in the negative past and I am moving on.  I just thought that if he wants to put that on public record his cell phone was public record so I figured I would let my fans decide on how they felt about it.”

His thoughts on how the PGA Tour is handling the Tiger story:

“You know the thing is when Tiger comes out and he wins his first event, that is all that is going to matter.  We need Tiger.  I don’t care what anybody says.  They say that nobody is bigger than the game but there is an era in golf, Nicklaus, Palmer and Watson.  They were needed and they were as big as the game can be because people bought tickets to come out and watch them play.  And a true fan of Tiger’s when he comes out, they want to see him play golf and Dan Patrick hit it on the head about a month ago when he said, ‘People look at people at what they do.  Not off the scene and stuff.  People love Tiger for his game.’  Yeah he messed up but who doesn’t?  Why he did it, nobody knows.  That is between him and Elin, but like I said, his toughest major for him is to try to keep his family and it looks like he is doing it.  I just hope the fans come out and watch him play, don’t heckle him and stuff…  We are all tired of it.  We just want to see him out here.”

How he looks at his career:

“All I can say is that the two majors has been worth everything.  The ups and downs in my life and my career winning two majors it makes it all worth while.  Because they just don’t happen very often and very seldom guys have won majors.  If I look at it that way in a golf aspect of it, it has been a great career.  It has been a lot of ups and downs but you know what?  I keep persevering and I keep moving on and I am in the right path of where I want to go now and I am doing everything to get better at the game and do everything off the course better.  Like going back to the media, if they want to live in the past, I think most of my fans have read it all.  I have no skeletons in my closet so all I am going to do is just move on and move forward.  I have won two majors and I have to look at it that way.”

Whether he has thought about quitting golf:

“Oh yeah.  I think everybody out here has.”

John Daly on WDAE in Tampa with Dan Sileo

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  1. 3 Responses to “John Daly In Trouble for Defending Himself”

  2. How long will writers continue to excuse Daly’s childish behavior? Regardless of how accessible a man’s phone number may be, the only reason Daly had to post it on Twitter was childish revenge. We need to all learn to take criticism with maturity. Weight loss and a (likely temporary)changed habit or two cannot mask what is at the heart of this guy. Nothing. He is not a hero. He is an embarrasment.

    By Roger on Mar 17, 2010

  3. Roger. Take One Long Hard Look In The Mirror. I doubt if you ever see what others do and won’t tell you to your face.

    By James Kennedy on Mar 25, 2010

  4. The bottom line is that John has made many bad choices and decisions. His money issues may bring him to the brink of quiting and I don’t know how the hell he keeps on going. He is a broken man and we will see him working at a golf course somewhere. Give it up John!

    By Rick on Apr 3, 2010

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